A few details before the break…

Well, my weekend is over, which basically means I won’t be blogging again for at least a few days. Figured I’d get a few more details down about our latest infinity experiment.
We had five of us playing, which meant using all of my demo squads plus a fifth. Peter has decided to invest in Haqqislam, so he proxied 100pts of his own choosing to get a feel for some of the rules/skills. Wish I’d snagged a closeup, as his squad was represented by some straight lead shadowrun minis from the late 80’s,but unfortunately I didn’t think of it until now. Maybe they’ll be visible in one of the photos.


The battlefield.

Sunday being Oscar night meant my wife was across the street and I was at home with the little guy, so everybody came to me. Rather than haul the battle board across town, we just went with the actual dimensions of my dining room table – a 6×3 battlefield with foot long leaves at the ends for rules and dice and such. Terrain was a fairly diverse selection of Pegasus ruins, some dark art miniatures tank traps, a variety of paper terrain and a whole pile of heroscape. I think we’ll definitely be using that stuff again, especially since that’s less than half of it. Gave us an easy opportunity to try the rules for difficult and very difficult terrain.


The middle portion, extra scapey.

We did some weird stuff with WIP rolls to get our order and deployment (six 1×1 deployment zones, five of which would get used), and then commenced.
We really only got in the one game Sunday night, which was pretty long (4 hoursish) but also involved pretty much all of the rules. Up to now we’ve used some but not all, this was our first ‘full rules’ skirmish, so a lot of that time was spent reading rules, wikis, faqs, and so on. Lots of fun, and I think we’re going to have a much better handle on things by the next time we play. Especially if anybody other than me clears the rulebook. Grin.


The bodies are starting to pile up at this point

I want to reread it myself at this point, now that I’ve had the chance to actually play. I imagine the examples will mean a lot more now.


This one ends badly...

With this game, my second infinity group has definitely eclipsed the first in terms of playing experience, although the first are painting minis as of this week, so they’re still winning by that count of the group that played Sunday, though, Peter’s ordering Haqqislam minis this week, a couple other guys are picking out Wu jing and combined squads this week, and my Ariadna stuff is in, and will be picked up Friday. No idea if the fifth guy is really keen or not, but I can see him grabbing a small force as well.
Always, sleep time again. Party on, Wayne.

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