My Ariadna force nears completion.

Completion being a relative term. While we’ve had a couple days above zero degrees Celsius lately, it’s probably not going to be priming season for another month or two at least, so I’m purely talking about modelling. Infinity – related painting is still a ways away (sadly enough).
All that said, I *have* finished assembling as many miniatures as I currently have sweet resin bases for, so I’m calling this complete until I’m able to pick up some more. Let’s start with the group shot, and then maybe I can touch on some details.


Ariadna force, move out!

Currently unassembled models include a t2 mormaer, a Caledonian volunteer with a rifle, and covert Uxia. I was totally going to do Uxia until I realised she’s designed to basically straddle the base, which means I’ll need a relatively low base for her, and if already used all those that might have worked.
So. The assembly.


Mirage team 5. First in line last night.

You’ll note duroc comes with a big metal base piece, which looks pretty good and which I used… But I think I may yet rebase him. I know it’s hard to be sure without finishing the basing, but I don’t feel like it’s going to match the others at all.


Mirage team 5, ready for action!

My mormaer and my medic were next to see some assembly work…


'Don't worry, Sir, I can heal that with my axe!'

A couple finicky bits, and I don’t know how long the aerial is going to stay on the mormaer’s pack, but both went together well and look pretty marvelous.


Margot vs paratrooper

I think the paratrooper is a fantastic model. It’s ridiculously dynamic, with outstretched arms wielding both an assault rifle and a very large blade and with twin ponytails whipping all over the place. It also struck me as huge. I don’t feel like it really shows here, but her model almost feels more like a heroic scale.
Modelling notes for her would include some pinning. I pinned portions of her feet to the base (both are large enough to extend beyond the base) and pinned the outstretched arm. Possibly my best pinning work yet, the holes lined up beautifully. Definitely getting more comfortable with pinning.


Tiny feet 1


Tiny feet 2.

These last couple had very slender feet, so I opted to cut their slot wedges down to pins rather than doing my own (thanks, leeman!), and it worked out pretty well. I prefer to add my own pins given the choice, I think, but this was a great option where that wasn’t .


Grrrrls club

I also ended up pinning the sniper arm in the Caledonian volunteer, which seemed nuts but worth the risk. The hole into the torso was ready, but drilling a hole down that don’t little arm was crazy.
Anyway, I’m tired, so I’m out. Keep slogging, all!


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