Another team infinity battle!

So, how did my Ariadna alpha force make out?
They did decently well, but I definitely spread them out a bit too much, and didn’t really play to their strengths (which I admittedly am still determining). Lethal as my cateran is, he’s not as devastating a shot as I was thinking he’d be, as his ballistic skill is only 12. I fielded him way too far back, and then got him killed going after a viral-wielding Haqqislam soldier. I ran covert Uxia into a Nomad with a flamethrower and while my emergency services doctor survived the longest, he never even managed to attempt to heal anybody, he just wasn’t positioned well enough to reach anybody without getting shot to pieces.


Attempting to cover a very unconscious Duroc

This isn’t to say Alpha Force was a total wash. My kazak lieutenant managed to keep from getting shot until after they were in retreat anyway, and mirage team 5 went down in a blaze of glory, taking down 75% of the Haqqislam force before dying their glorious deaths. In hindsight I could certainly have deployed them more effectively in the Nomad corner of the board; there was simply too much viral flying around on the Haqqislam side.
Which brings me to our next big rules question. Do you get a BTS save if you have a BTS of zero? We were guessing yes, since it says to treat it as an ARM save, and our understanding is that ARM 0 gets a save (it just isn’t amazing).
My teammate and I also lacked any real synergy. We weren’t really paying attention to each other’s orders, which didn’t help. I don’t think his doctor managed to heal anybody, either. We all had a blast though. I think the tactics will start playing a larger role as we get the rules a little more under control.
As it stands, the total lack of a local scene means a lot of wiki-searching and googling and temporary house rules while we write down issues to look up later. All of which we’re fine with; it just makes for games that run a little long.


The view from the Haqqislam / Nomad end of the field


  1. Leeman

    ” his ballistic skill is only 12″ – BS12 is really good! Yes, there are higher BS models, but they’re on expensive Heavy Infantry or TAG platforms – BS12 on (presumably) light infantry is actually above average (10 or 11 is the norm in Infinity for that level of troop. 🙂

    With regards to the BTS of 0 getting a roll, you played it right – you get to roll, you just don’t get any particular bonus against the damage.

    • rexlogan

      I more meant that setting him up in the extreme rear of a slightly long table might have been expecting a little much. I was also rolling ridiculously badly all evening, so I think that made all of my stats feel a lot worse than they were…

    • rexlogan

      Plus, the fact that he’s a pretty dedicated looking sniper probably had me expecting a fairly obscene ballistic skill.

      • Leeman

        Rolling badly definitely can’t help, but BS12 on a non-heavy infantry figure is actually pretty decent – 13 is the highest you’ll see on a non-powered armour/named character figure.

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