Long time, no see… my hell pit abomination, that is!

That’s right, it’s time for a little change of pace here at rats east. It’s been ages, but I finally did a little painting, making a bit of progress on the hell pit abomination that I haven’t touched in months.


Cleaned up some armour plating...


painted some wood and metal bits...


and I warpstoned up some spikes!

The spikes are just a really bright green over black, the same method as I used when I put warpstone armour on my warlord. The paint is nothing special (apple brand, perhaps?); that’s it brushed onto my workspace in the bottom left of all the photos.
The metal is done with some vallejo ‘oily steel’ that my wife got me for Christmas (first time using it!) and the wood is some gw base colour that sounds like a droid from an old republic game (kv88, maybe? No real idea, really). I’m looking forward to adding some diluted green, along with some other brown shades and some washes, and seeing what kind of effects I can get. Till next time!

One comment

  1. Azazel

    Coming along nicely! I don’t have a whole lot of the new GW paints, but XV-88, aside from a stupid name seems to be pretty much the same as Snakebite leather – one of my most favourite browns ever (despite the point compatibility chart on Dakka getting that one wrong). Oily steel is also a great choice from Vallejo – one I get a lot of use out of. Lookng forward to seeing what you manage to get done on this model. If I can make a recommendation – the new Army Painter washes are pretty good in the way that they stain and pool compared to a lot of others I’ve used (and inks). Not sure how well they’d go on a giant model like this one, but on smaller models they are fantastic. I look forward to the next stage!

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