So last weekend (as in, just over a week ago) the usual group tried out mordheim. Once again all the fuss that were showing up were up for a skirmish game, so since we’d played infinity the previous week we opted to give mordheim a shot. We got a couple of games in, the first being a defend the treasure sort of deal with one player defending against the rest of us, and the second being a wyrdstone snatch and grab with the five of us split into two uneasy alliances.
P brought a vampire and some other undead leading some zombie henchmen.
Z brought five orks.

M brought norsemen. Other M brought a cult of the possessed.
I brought a skaven Warband consisting of 5 heroes and 3 giant rats. We had decided to house rule a starting limit of 5 heroes, even to factions that can usually start with 6.
My first battle went poorly, with my night runner starting on the second floor of a building and falling on his knife attempting to reach the ground floor. Yep, that’s right, the sum total of my night runner’s contribution to that battle was about an inch and a half of horizontal movement, followed by a three inch fall. I quickly got almost everybody else in over their heads, and only my two black skaven managed to do okay. Okay being not dying. And one of them managed to scale a wall and drop a possessed, so that was good.


Cultists allied with the undead. That can't be good...

The second game went a little better. I redistributed my gear a bit (like giving the warplocks to a skaven that is a decent shot…), and leveled up my one successful black skaven beforehand (he became a master of the art of silent death). Where my first game mostly involved me getting knocked around, the second was largely me dominating the cult of the possessed, with a little vampire slaying after the possessed had run off.


The battlefield is overrun with skaven! Marvelous!

By the end of the evening my sorcerer had broken a leg but healed okay, and my assassin adept has developed a nervous condition. Balanced out by my black skaven turning into a skaven superhero, and my sorcerer slowly developing into a murder machine. I just scooped him some fighting claws to go with the black fury that he rolled for his spell. Yes, my wizard is hopefully going to work as a melee specialist.
I got a tiny bit of painting done as well over the last week, so I’ll leave off with a few shots of some infinity priming and the model I’m going to be using from here on out to represent my clawed black skaven.


GL volunteer, HMG mormaer, black skaven

I used brush on primer, which I’m having mixed feelings about, as it really isn’t bonding to the resin bases very well. I did some extra reading and it looks like forge world has at some point recommended using auto primer for resin because it has more solvent in it, and so should provide a better bond. As it stands, the brush on stuff covered everything, but it comes off pretty easy…
And the black skaven:


Hood and gloves are a mix of vallejo red leather and vallejo transparent red


Cloak is varying mixes of folk art black and an apple brand purple


Just a little more detail to go and I'll start adding washes

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