Terrain T’ursday! And also EMS 112 progress!

I was trying to decide whether to post my finished Mermaid Tavern when I suddenly realised it’s more or less Thursday, and I haven’t had a Terrain T’ursday in ages.
Tonight I buckled down and finished the dormers and beams on the Mermaid Tavern. It shouldn’t have taken so long, but I have so little hobby time these days that I’ve simply chosen painting each time over terrain. I really want to get some paper ruins built for mordheim, though, so tonight I prioritised terrain, so that I can get this one off the in progress pile (not that we haven’t been using it every week, but it will look a lot sweeter now.



Dormers, dormer roofs, chimney toppers all tonight.



Note the sign and support beams. Those happened tonight.


I also added a few small squares of felt to the underside, to hopefully keep it from spinning in place (the foamcore has taken on quite a warp…). I’ll have to see how that goes next time we play something (we played infinity and mordheim this weekend, but I’ll post about that later).
Finally, I made some further progress on my Ariadna doctor for infinity:


Unti next time!

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