Mordheim and Infinity!

The last few weekends were brilliantly full of gaming, a couple of infinity battles with the pathfinder gang (sans 1, hence infinity and not pathfinder) on Saturday, and two different battles – one mordheim and one infinity – with the usual suspects on Sunday. Plus some infinity tonight that I probably won’t say much about ’cause I did pretty abysmally.
I’m not entirely sure about the scenario’s official name, but we had to steal a giant’s treasure as he slept. The part of the giant was played by my hell pit abomination, but my skaven still met with mixed results.


I was going second last out of four, so I charged in from my corner as fast as possible, hoping to use my skaven speed to get ahead. Playing on a long table meant that the closest threat was mike’s cult of the possessed. I sent a lone black skaven and some giant rats in that general direction, cutting them off but primarily slowing them down as they couldn’t run once they were within 8 inches of me.


My giant rats did hilariously well, killing a number of cultists and beastmen while severely outmatched, requiring the possessed to hang up on them two and even three on one.


The black skaven tore through just about everything that the giant rats didn’t, at least until my warband was routed. You see, the portion closing on the giant did less well.
Peter’s vampire beat them to the giant, but the giant awoke and pretty much everybody in the vicinity was dragged into combat. My least experienced night runner suffered a vicious chest wound and lost 1 toughness, while my assassin adept (seriously, my warband needs a less accident-prone leader) had both legs smashed and will never run again. 2 of my 3 giant rats were outright killed.
That one black skaven is doing great, though. He now gets 4 attacks in close combat, crits on 5s as well as 6s, and has hatred: possessed. Plus an additional skill he hasn’t selected yet. (And yet he works under a nervous skaven with 2 broken legs. Pretty hard to explain with skaven fluff.)
Probably obvious, but I didn’t win.


Sunday’s infinity game (played immediately after Mordheim) went decently enough. Ariadna/Yu Jing vs Haqqislam/Nomads. We (Ariadna and Yu Jing) ended up spending way more orders dealing with the 4 Haqqislam units than we did with Nomads, as the Nomads weren’t really fielding anything too tricky but Haqqislam once again involved Tarik Mansuri leading a couple of viral Lasiqs. I played a fairly minimal Ariadna list that included 3 Airborne troops (a paracommando and mirage team 5), with only a cateran sniper and a couple line troops starting out on the ground. The Cateran used the first turn to advance into a better position atop the horseman’s deli (the flat top building on the left), only to be shot down by virals during the Haqq/’mads turn. A did the line trooper on the balcony. Leaving my kazak lieutenant and a bunch of AD troops that had to use their Orders to arrive, and then the lieutenant’s non-lieutenant order to accomplish a single to accomplish one order between them. They managed to take out some Haqqislam units, but it wasn’t my best game.

I’m not going to bother describing the Saturday night games, as at this point I can barely remember them. I’ll just throw up a bunch of pictures. Here goes:


Saturday's battleground


My Cateran's sweet field of fire


By a long shot, Duroc's finest moment thus far

That last one was Duroc super jumping onto a wall behind his opponents and thrashing them. Brilliant.

Tonight I fielded the small list full of Airborne again, not because I’d somehow fooled myself into thinking they’d do well, but because I finished painting Mirage Team 5 and wanted to field multiple painted models. I got pretty torn apart again. No pictures.

Tonight’s rules question (really, a verification) involve grenades and launchers. Grenades and Launchers fired against an ARO (or in one) would use face-to-face rolls, correct? They get cancelled if the opposing rolls are better? Feels weird, but I think that’s just because of how my brain sees the fluff of it all.


    • rexlogan

      But there was so much more to the games than that! Intrigue and ambushes and scares, oh my!

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