Coming Soon: Classic Mighty Empires

So. It’s early May, most of the snow is gone (what can I say? That’s Northern Ontario for you), and our Yu Jing player will soon be heading back to Toronto for the summer (the fool!), which means we’ll likely be shaking things up a bit. We probably don’t want to get too far ahead of him in Mordheim, so it’s time to find something else to play in between Infinity games. We’ve been itching to get in some more warhammer fantasy, and last summer’s homebrew 40k campaign was a blast, so we figured we’d look into doing something similar. Enter Mighty Empires. The old 1990 version of Mighty Empires used to be available free (rules and map tiles) through various GW sites, so that’s what we’re going to be using. A couple of us are in the process of reading through the rules, and I’ve just finished the first version of the map tiles:


Foamcore for extra tile-ness


And all tucked into a sweet box I found.

I used spray adhesive to mount the tiles onto foamcore with mixed results. I’d definitely wear gloves next time, and I think I’d go with a slightly heavier paper stock. Also, we’re going to need a place we can leave it set up, which during the school year would be a problem. If we decide to do this again, or if I make a new set of tiles at some point, I’ll likely use adhesive sheet magnets instead, and then track down a magnetic whiteboard to hold the map. (I’d have done that this time if I’d thought of it before I was halfway finished. Grin.)
Anyway, we’re looking forward to this; we’ll have to make some tweaks to the rules as the classic Mighty Empires was released during 3rd edition, but I’ll try to post our solutions to such issues as they come up.
Wish us luck!

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