X visors are brilliant!

Sunday night (a couple Sundays ago by the time I get this posted) was an infinity night. I randomly paired with yu jing again, but this time we actually won! We were up against a Nomads/Combined team, we used YAMS, and it was probably our most lethal battle yet. I think each side was reduced by half or more in the first turn alone.


I did some liberal proxy testing and fielded:
A t2 mormaer lieutenant
Chasseur with adhesive launcher
Tank hunter with autocannon
Loup garou with viral rifle, and
The cateran sniper.


First off, I am really liking the Loup Garou. That x-visor makes for a pretty brilliant ARO, especially on viral and T2 rifles. The adhesive was fun, although the chasseur didn’t get to shoot at very big stuff. Still, decently useful, as she ARO’d a gaki into submission during the Combined’s first turn. The Tank Hunter did a solid job, but I massively overextended him trying to get a miniature into the enemy deployment zone, and he was eventually shot down during the final Nomads/Combined turn. My Cateran served well enough, but didn’t have nearly the game effect I’d have liked to see. I can’t remember the name of what shot him, but it was something very lethal and very hard to kill that the Combined dropped into a very powerful location, ARO-wise. It managed to threaten about half our combined forces and killed quite a few of them before my Mormaer was able to drop it. Rather overwhelmingly, too, with three T2 hits and no saves.


The civilian was an ork… an ork that was apparently made of mist…

Among the Nom/bined objectives was killing the civilian, which was probably the most hilarious aspect of our game, as the Combined easily knocked him unconscious and then failed to land a killing blow, only to be shot on our turn by the tank hunter. Of course, another Combined soldier would attempt to finish him off the next turn, and missed as well. All in all, I think 3 Combined soldiers fell trying to finish off the unconscious civilian, only to fail, leaving him breathing at the end of the game.


The shot heard ’round the battlefield.

The Combined sniper at the other end of the battlefield eventually climbed to the top of a ruined building and began raining lethal AROs all over the board. In the above photo, he’s the tiny figure ‘next to’ the roof of the mermaid tavern. Yep, way off in the distance there. Needing to clear a lane for a paramedic halfway across the board, my Loup Garou stepped out and fired twice. The Combined Sniper made a fantastic return shot, but the xvisor turned one of my shots into a crit, resulting in a beautiful viral shot that took out a sniper from about 40″ or so. Brilliant!

As I mentioned, Ariadna and Yu Jing finally took home a win, keeping their own DZ clear while successfully taking down the most points-heavy model on the opposing side (that Combined unit that was so hard to kill until my Mormaer gave it a shot). It was nice timing, too, as our Yu Jing player is heading back to Toronto shortly, and won’t have another opportunity to play Infinity with us until next school year. Hopefully he finds a cool group of Infinity fiends somewhere down there that he can play with.

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