Terrain T’ursday! Unfurl the Field of Battle!

This week the local Fabricland had a big sale, so I scooped some heavy vinyl for the purpose of creating instant battlefields.

I grabbed a couple metres of dark mottled green for a 6’x4′ fantasy battlefield, and a metre and a half of grey to cut into a 4’x4′ Infinity battlefield.

I’ll probably get a chance to set at least one of them up on Sunday, but for now here’s a small sample using some of the leftover scraps. Just for a rough idea of what it will look like with buildings on it. Note that I finally finished my Mermaid Tavern.

The best part? No more taping off edges. Just bring along my rolled up battle mat, unfurl it, and instant battlefield. The two together came out to under $20. Take that, Realm of Battle. (And let’s be honest, they’ll probably hold up a lot better over time, grin).


  1. Azazel

    Looks like quite a good plan. The grey will also work well for your Mordheim games. Or even the grey over the top of the green! Strips of grey off-cuts for roads?

    • rexlogan

      I did hang on to the off-cuts for just such a purpose. I figure even grey on grey will work; they’ll just be slightly raised to define them, rather than a totally different colour.

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