Foxtrot Ranger, WIP II

So many posts in so little time! I’m my defence, at least one of those was because I posted it as a draft days ago and didn’t realise it until recently (hence the Mighty Empires updates for Maye and Juhn being back to back). Anyhoo…

Still a couple touch ups to be done on the rifle, and the base still needs painting, but I’m feeling good about her. Hopefully the wash process doesn’t ruin everything! Grin.
For those who might be wondering about the amazing paints I use, prepare to be underwhelmed!
Pants – FolkArt olive green
Vest – FolkArt medium grey mixed with some random green (Americana brand, maybe? Definitely in the Michaels clearance aisle)
Flesh – GW Cadian flesh tone
Leather – vallejo red leather
‘Cover sheet’ – FolkArt grey mixed with some GW brown with letters and numbers in the title (X-something?)
Buckles and such – vallejo oily steel and vallejo brass
Oh, and the tattoos are just FolkArt black mixed with that GW cadian. At the risk of sounding like a paint snob of some sort, no Apple brand on this one!
Anyway, let’s finish up with a group shot:


My painted Ariadna army.


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