1er Para-Commando; Complete! (The ‘eyes’ have it!)

Little pun there in honour of Fathers day. Tonight I finished painting my para-commando, and when I was done I thought to myself, “Self? There is no way you can leave that ginormous head without eyes and think nobody will notice.”
I realised immediately that I had a point so I prepared myself to ruin everything…  And then didn’t. Not that there isn’t a little bit of miniature-crazy-eye going on there, but it’s pretty reasonable (even *very* reasonable, by my standards).


She gon' mess you up!

The bloodied melee arm looks pretty good, too.
Anyway, the eyes working out so well really got me feeling ambitious, so I painted eyes onto the Foxtrot sniper I finished the other day.



And finally, a sneak preview for everybody out there:


Caledonian volunteer, say ‘cheese! Should be lots of fun to paint over the next few days.
But now it’s time to sleep, so here’s a shot of my now 5 man painted Ariadna force.


It's on.

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