Infinity – 4 player free for all

Got in a game of infinity this evening. We’re still pretty slow, really, but definitely faster than we were. We’re not having to look all that much up anymore, mostly just clarifications on minor details and traits we seldom see hit the table. Tonight’s game probably took about 3 hours or so from deployment to us calling it, which covered 3 complete turns for 4 players at 250pts each. Like I said, not short, but a definite improvement for us.
I fielded the smallest force at 9 units, Haqqislam brought 10 (so many doctors!), and Nomads and Combined both had to split into multiple groups. Highlights for me included Duroc leaping over a building to gun down 3 Combined soldiers, and my Highlander Cateran not only surviving, but taking out several Nomad soldiers himself.


Braaap! Twin chain rifles for the victory!


I'm seriously going to have to name this fella soon.

I tried to field all my painted models tonight… Group shot!

End result? Ariadna and Haqqislam called it a draw, Nomads and Combined team were scattered.

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