Infinity: A small game and a new model

Super short post today, folks! Sunday night was a warhammer night, and I’ll likely cover that in my next Mighty Empires post, but after a rousing game of fantasy we managed to squeeze in a quick 3-player game of Infinity. 100 pts each, Ariadna vs Haqqislam vs Combined.
We played on a battlefield approximately 3’x4′ and ignored retreat rules and loss of lieutenant since our point totals were so low. We also went a little nuts with the terrain, which resulted in a pretty amazing urban battlefield. Really dense!


Wild in the Streets!

Combined went for numbers, fielding gaki and preta (sp?) along with a controller and some panzerfaust units. Haqqislam tried a posted down version of the list that served him so well last time, fielding two HMGs backed by a pair of doctors.  My Ariadna list consisted of the volunteer grenadier I forgot to include last time, the t2 mormaer, and a couple of proxies (viral loup garou and a new spetsnaz). It was a pretty weird game,
The Combined ‘runners’ got things started with a bang, charging both Ariadna and Haqqislam with a couple of highly mobile threats. My grenade launcher volunteer managed to hit one with an ARO as it ran, and it promptly made its ARM save. Hilariously (and please correct me if we’ve done this wrong), the blast radius (since it *did* hit and it was an ARM save that prevented damage, it made sense that the grenade went off) extended through an archway and covered a significantly heavier unit carrying a panzerfaust. He did not make his ARM save.
Let’s all have round of applause for my Caledonian Volunteer, who is probably luckier than she is skilled, but we’ll take what we can get.


In case you've forgotten her already... How could you!?

I eventually lost the Volunteer, but much of the remaining battle went in a similar fashion. The Combined lost their controller and the newly impetuous gaki and preta mostly just dashed into a whole pile of AROs. The remaining panzerfaust made a valiant effort, and managed at one point to land a solid hit on my Mormaer, but even the EXP/AP round failed to cut through the combination of tesium armour and hard cover.
As for me, I maneuvered the loup garou to gain a better position against Haqqislam, and the Spetsnaz sniper’s ‘ambush camouflage’ drew a few discovery orders from Haqqislam, but otherwise it was the Mormaer and the Volunteer that did all the work. Most of Haqqislam’s orders were spent maneuvering; they did most of their damage with AROs. By midday through the third turn the Combined had been annihilated and the rest of us were barely touched (I’d only lost the 8pt Volunteer), so we called it a two way draw and packed up.
My Spetsnaz proxy saw no real action, which is okay; I felt weird about fielding a proxy in this case but I just didn’t have time to put the sniper together over the weekend. I rectified that Monday evening, figuring I could prime it on Tuesday (the Canada Day holiday). Well, the building part on Monday totally happened,

but no painting. Why? Because M finally popped, and H has a new little brother (J). So I guess we’ll see when I get around to more painting. It’ll depend how good a sleeper the new mister is, I suppose… In the meantime, at least he’s built (and thus playable). ‘Till next time, whenever that might be! Hopefully sooner than I think…


    • rexlogan

      It was a pretty quick battle, but very good. Fairly dense, but still with enough lanes of fire that you had to be careful

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