Infinity – 300pts that Worked!


I'm in the closest corner.

Sunday night we played a 3-player free for all on my dining room table. Haqqislam brought his usual HMG/doctor pairs along with a brand new tank, Nomads brought missile spam and a bunch of wildcats, and I brought another 10 model list:
T2 Mormaer lieutenant
Cateran sniper (T2)
Spetsnaz sniper
Loup Garou (viral)
Covert Uxia McNeill
2x Tankhunters (ADHL and autocannon)
112 EMS
Mirage Team 5 (Margot and Duroc)


Peter's new tank from the POV of my Spetsnaz' ambush counter

This 10-model list actually worked, though! Admittedly I still could have benefited from more orders, and I’d have been hard pressed to do so well had we been playing an ITS scenario, but as a kill list it went okay.
If course, not everything was perfect. When Haqqislam’s tank advanced up the street my ADHL tank hunter was able to immobilise him in ARO, but as the M-Guard was equipped with a flamethrower it was able to make short work of both my hunter *and* covert Uxia; I definitely didn’t deploy her ideally given the threat in the street. She was more or less immediately behind the tank hunter when the M-Guard fired.

standing in for the ADHL tank hunter… “]image

Mirage Team 5 were doing pretty well until they got missile spammed. They came in on the right side, next to a fence between my deployment zone and the Nomads’. I completely forgot about Duroc’s impetuous move, but since he pretty much came in, jumped forward to shoot a bunch of guys, and then got blown up, all I really did was fail to take advantage of an order. The order I did spend to have him shoot people went brilliantly.


Now if only he could have drawn a bead on the hacker behind the little outbuilding...

Both Duroc and Margot died in a hail of missile fire.
Other highlights? Well, my Emergency Services medic didn’t use any orders, but he managed to draw missile fire away from my Mormaer lieutenant (I suspect the prospect of Mirage Team 5 getting healed was enough to prompt some target prioritisation).


You go ahead, sir! I've got this! No... no, wait... I appear to have blown up instead.

As I mentioned, I also fielded an autocannon in this list (the so-called Ariadnan hacker), and used him to finish off the tank. The fact that it was immobilised was great, but it was still positioned well, and had some pretty devastating firing arcs available. My tank hunter crept to the corner of the deli, sighted in on the M-Guard, and let fly.


Today's autocannon will be played by an HMG Mormaer.

I would eventually lose my lieutenant to a freak accident (a Nomad soldier rolled two critical AROs in a row), leaving me with only three models.



On the bright side, those three models were my T2 Cateran, my Spetsnaz sniper, and my autocannon Tank Hunter. We’ve been using the new Loss and Retreat rules the last few weeks (amazing!) so all I really missed out on was my lieutenant’s bonus order and the ability to give one unit another’s order. Since the Cateran is irregular anyways, this didn’t really affect much.


All three advanced a little, the Tank Hunter taking up a defensive position behind the deli while the snipers gained some ground on the Nomad forces. The following turn saw the Tank Hunter hold his position so that the snipers could advance further and do a bit of extra damage.


My Spetsnaz actually managed to position himself in sight of what I thought was the missile launcher, only to discover it was actually the hacker instead! One problem solved. The launcher itself advanced a little too far and was shot to pieces by my Cateran.


High points included the shot that took the hacker down, the autocannon (in addition to destroying the tank, that Tank Hunter also shot an HMG gunner and held a sizable portion of the table in the late game), and one of my more successful Duroc deployments (despite getting missiled to death, he still took out 4 or 5 models and kept Margot from getting shot at).
Low points? I deployed my viral Loup Garou without really paying attention and let them get shot off the board during the first turn. My Uxia deployment was similarly poor, leaving her in the shadow of any attack made on the ADHL Tank Hunter. Which, as I mentioned, is exactly what happened.

All in all, it was a pretty brilliant game, and was the first army list in a while that I’ve really felt good about. I’ll definitely field these guys again!

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