Infinity – Team YAMS, part I

This past Sunday saw what might have been one of our most ridiculous Infinity games yet: 2-on-2 YAMS, 300pts per player, on a crazy-dense 3’x4′ battlefield.
That’s 1200pts fighting it out on this:


Fortunately the Haqqislam and their tank were absent this weekend...

I think this is the first time that we all shook our heads at one point and agreed that we *might* have overdone it on the terrain. We just keep getting/making more and we never seem to leave anything off. I think next time we’re going to try to make a little more realistic urban layout, with a street and everything. Which may or may not make me feel like my snipers are the greatest units ever after making them work in so many battlefields like this one…
So, what did we bring to the party? Yu Jing and Nomads fielded a couple snipers, some light ninja types, and the usual GML Group. My Ariadnans flight alongside the Combined Army in this battle, and I brought the following 303 pts:


Yep, the only fly painted models were being used as proxies

Kazak Veteran with AP HMG (lt.)
HMG Mormaer
Tank Hunter with autocannon
Spetsnaz sniper
Highlander Cateran
Minelayer Chasseur
Antipode Assault Pack
Loup Garou with viral rifle [margot]
Isobel Macgregor [covert Uxia]

Not really any order monkeys in there, but I often leave the snipers for ARO reactions, and Isobel was just there to attempt some defensive hacking, so I had some orders to play with…

– to be continued…

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