Infinity – Team YAMS, part 2

So, what does a 3’x4′, 600pt infinity brawl look like? Like a lot of dead soldiers, friend.


3 guesses where the Nomads GML group was deployed; the first 2 don't count...

Ariadna/Combined went first, which was very hard on Yu Jing, as they supplied most of the viable targets (a large portion of the Nomad force was tucked inside a large, open backed, building). A couple were shot down at range, and a few others fell to my new Assault Pack.



The vast majority of the models involved in this battle were killed, but we managed to get a tie YAMS score, with each side fulfilling all 4 of their objectives. Some facts/tactics really jumped out at me during this particular encounter. For starters, a well-placed sniper more than pays for itself, even if it doesn’t rack up lots of kills.


Tank Hunter, Tank Hunter, what do you see?

An example? Well, my Spetsnaz spent the first couple turns doing absolutely nothing. No AROs at all, and I didn’t move him because he had a nice little nest laid out. In the third or fourth turn, I had just lost my lieutenant and everybody was irregular (we’ve been using 3rd edition Loss and Retreat rules), so I decided to move my sniper to a better location. What happened when my turn was done? About 6 units ran through the space he’d previously had a sweet line on.
And so I realised that he wasn’t 34 pts accomplishing nothing. He was in fact 34 pts locking down a whole chunk of terrain. The autocannon tank hunter turned out to be playing a similar role. He wasn’t blowing anything up (or even shooting), but just the threat of him was enough to keep several units trapped in one corner of the battlefield. Even in an Annihilation format this should have some solid utility, as it prevents a portion of the Nomad force from threatening me while at the same time freeing up some extra orders for more aggressive units like the Assault Pack and my Kazak Veteran. In an ITS scenario format I suspect this would have even more potential, insomuch as pinning down specialists would be a potential strategy.


One noticeable hitch in such a huge point total was the effect that such an abundance of orders has on YAMS; with 20-30 orders available in each turn (per side!), both sides managed to complete *all* of their objectives. We actually played a similar game the following weekend (Ariadna/Yu Jing vs Haqqislam/Combined) and achieved a similar result: A/Y got all 4, and H/C got 2 or 3 before they were wiped out.
Going forward, I think we’ll be shooting for slightly sparser terrain and some lower point totals on the team matches.


Once more unto the beach... with fishsticks!

And ITS. Small tournament coming up on the 5th!

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