Infinity – Modified ITS Tournament

Sunday we held our first Infinity tournament at one of our friendly local game stores here in Thunder Bay, Thunder Games and Gifts. We set up a couple tables in their main game room and four of us fought it out in a Modified version of the ITS format. Mostly, that means we cut ourselves some slack regarding proxies (allowing up to about 50%) and mercenaries (1 per list) so that we could have a tournament, grin. We also used 3rd edition Loss and Retreat rules, as we’ve been doing in all of our games lately. Everybody had a blast, and as the store had Magic the Gathering league finals and miniature painting on the same day we were able to give a few other gamers a chance to see Infinity in action.

Round 1: Quadrant Control


I used a fairly aggressive list for my first round, and dropped my only paramedic into a corner on her own, so the classified objective was a bust. The biggest problem with this first round is that we simply took way too much time. I spent over half my first turn trying to shoot down one enemy sniper that had an amazing LOS on most of the battlefield. My stubbornness was later vindicated to some degree (in round
3 my Cateran would largely dominate the battlefield from that same perch), but it seriously limited how far I managed to advance, especially as I lost my lieutenant near the end of the first turn and spent the second turn irregular.
Nomads dominated 2 quadrants to my 1 in the first round, but I was able to turn the tables in the second, despite being irregular. We were well out of time by then and the third round was not played. Final score was 3 pts each.
Highlights included my autocannon tank hunter and my Cateran taking out 40% of a link team (the Cateran faced down a bunch of rocket launcher fire to do his part), and my paratrooper successfully killing a far superior soldier with a pistol shot while simultaneously making a successful ARM roll against that soldier’s flamethrower.


Bottom right by the cemetery gate, pistol packing Jane.

I missed much of this one, but I did catch that Haqqislam’s tank had its most successful run ever, and also that Haqqislam came away with 9 pts. A strong early lead, largely the result of Haqqislam’s commander; Peter was by far the best of us at keeping the objectives in the forefront of his mind during combat.

Round 2: Antennae Field

I missed the bulk of what happened here, but I snagged some photos!




Sweet sweet terrain. Big thanks to Thunder!

A brilliant example of my inability to focus on objectives. I brought my Specialists list to this table but barely managed to use any of them. I started out in control, taking out a couple of Lasiq snipers to clear room for my advance. I then tried to move my Mormaer into a new position, only to watch him get shot and wounded, and this is where my plans fell apart. At zero wounds and being Dogged, I reacted rashly and began to advance up the board, thinking only about doing as much damage as I could with the HMG before I inevitably died.


Oh, did I ever! The tank, Avicenna (modified, remember!), several doctors and a heavy infantry of some sort; I realised too late that I had put them into retreat, and spent my last couple of orders desperately trying to reach some antennae.


I finished with 4 pts, 2 at the end of the first turn, plus 2 at end of game. A close one, another low score, and generally my own fault.

Round 3: Seize the Antennae.


Yu Jing would be deploying first, as I had won the WIP roll and chose deploying second on the side of the board the Nomads held in my first game. Much of the Yu Jing force deployed into some fairly central ruins with a few snipers on the edges of their deployment zone. I set my Cateran up in the position I mentioned earlier and deployed my Spetsnaz sniper in the watchtower on the right side. I spread the rest of my Specialist list out trying to position most of them where they couldn’t be shot too early (mixed feeling on this, as some of them never became useful; I often just couldn’t bring myself to spend an order moving a fully concealed model the half inch that would get them a useful firing line).


I lost Uxia as a result of my own ambition, deploying her in a very exposed position in the hope of seizing the centre antennae early. My excellent sniper lines, however, meant it was not a total loss, as my Mormaer landed a lucky critical HMG shot on one of Yu Jing’s snipers during the discovery rolls and one of my own snipers finished him off when Uxia was gunned down. I was able to keep Yu Jing pinned down for much of their active turn, thinning the ranks a little and limiting their movements. My own first turn involved laying some mines, advancing a little, and further thinning the ranks. Isobel Macgregor seized the antenna on my end as well. Paying more attention to my objectives this time I stopped just shy of putting them into retreat on my turn. My second turn would be our last, as my Mormaer advanced up the right side, killing a ninja, a sniper, and at least one other model with a good line on the Yu Jing antenna. The remainder of my orders (less the Cateran, of course, who shot at somebody) went into running a Foxtrot Ranger (forward observer) up the battlefield to seize the remaining antennae. With only one or two models left going into the third turn, the Yu Jing were unable to recover and I finished with my best results of the tournament.

Again, not the battle I was focused on, but it sounds like Nomads made a similar error to my own regarding objectives, putting the Haqqislam force into retreat at a point where the Nomads could no longer reach any antennae before their turn ended. Haqqislam seized at least one to win the battle.


My first list, atop my newly won terrain piece.

1) Ariadna
2) Haqqislam
3) Yu Jing
4) Nomads

Everybody had a blast and are looking forward to doing this again in a few months, hopefully we can round up a couple more players by then. Perhaps one of our Combined Army players, or the friend that fields PanOceania. If we’re really lucky, maybe somebody new.

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