Terrain T’ursdays – Antennae

For the infinity tournament I ran a couple weeks ago, I rolled for random ITS scenarios and had two of the three come up as antennae-related (field and seize). I knew the store had at least one set of appropriate objective markers, so I set about whipping up a second set the night before.
Infinity bases.
I did barely any sanding or finishing, didn’t glue anything permanently, and has no time for painting, but they still came out okay, I think.


I’ll have to clean these up and give them a base coat at some point.


Antenna in action. Angle: terrible.

And today’s terrain-related fun fact? 1:43 scale vehicles look pretty decent on an infinity table (even though that’s not technically 28mm).

I’m hoping I turn up some damaged ones at some point; I think they’d look great as wrecks, but these ones looked too nice to take a hammer to.

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