Terrain T’ursdays – Correcting scale with smashing.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for 1:43 scale vehicles, in an effort to populate our infinity (and potentially 40k) battlefields. Otherwise, what usually ends up happening is an urban environment with exactly zero cars. And it works just fine, but it doesn’t feel very natural. An urban area devoid of vehicles just feels contrived.
I mean, a battlefield put together for the purpose of playing a skirmish game *is* contrived, but that doesn’t mean we want it to feel that way…
So here’s a car.


It is of course a good looking car; turns out there aren’t a lot of toy companies making 1:43 scale models of ’87 Toyota hatchbacks or anything like that. Or if one is, their stuff isn’t ending up in the local thrift store…
This particular car presents an additional challenge, though, because it’s not 1:43 scale. It is 1:38, and while those sound pretty close, it is actually a pretty visible difference. Factor in that 1:43 is already pushing it a little for 28mm, and things start to get a little tricky. Luckily, I have a bit of a brainwave. I’ve been wanting to smash a couple of cars up a bit in order to create wrecks, and this could be an ideal opportunity. A pristine car will look obviously too big, and a wreck should disguise it’s scale a little better. Brainwave number two tells me wrecked *pieces* would be even less obvious.
A while ago I picked up a small bag of assorted cars while thrifting, so I pull out the 1:38 shelby and get to work.


While I was at it, I also used a hole punch to mimic bullet holes in the various smooth parts.


A little bit of super glue and a slab of foamcore for a base…


And voila!


For future reference, I think I’d make the foamcore base a little bigger. Either that or find a significantly thinner base material. As it stands, there’s not quite enough base around the barricade for the miniatures to stand really easily, which poses minor issues for infinity, where you need to make contact with cover. So either the base needs to provide enough width for miniatures to stand comfortably upon it, or it needs to be thin enough that it doesn’t throw them off balance when they’re half on/half off. I gave brief consideration to using *less* base, but that will only make the car seem bigger next to the miniatures, reintroducing the initial issue of scale.

I was also thinking that some combination of basing material might make a nice addition to this barricade so I decided to check out some options while I was in the shop last night.


I ended up settling on Vallejo’s Grey Pumice, a gritty acrylic that looked like it would have results similar to if I painting sand into place, although I think creating drifts and piles of it might be easier than with sand. So how’s it work?


First application of Vallejo Grey Pumice

So far, so good. One more coat, and it’s starting to look pretty sweet.


I hope to do a little painting on that grit as well, but it looks like that will have to wait until some point over the next couple of days; unfortunately one of my little ones isn’t sleeping so well this week, so that update will have to wait until I get time. ‘Til then!

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