Infinity Night at Thunder!

Saturday evening I hosted an Infinity Night at one of the local game stores (Thunder Games and Gifts, the same place as we ran our modified  ITS tournament in October). It was a casual event and only a couple of us made it out to play, but we did have one new player join us, which was pretty awesome. We took turns playing 1v1 annihilation games at 100pts, and then finished up with a 3-player free for all over some randomly distributed supply crates.


Our new player tried out both Panoceania and Ariadna, and it sounds like he’s going to give Aleph a shot next time he joins us (which we’ll have to proxy; none of us have any Aleph, which I think is part of the appeal for him). It was a fun change of pace to teach Infinity, and to field such small armies again.


A Combined sniper falls to his death...

Other Infinity news? Well, the last couple weeks have seen a few opportunities to use that barricade I put together, so that’s been pretty awesome.


Along the first fielding of the barricade.



I'm really liking the effect of having random vehicles on our battlefields...

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