Terrain T’ursday! – Construction Vehicles

Managed to thrift a few more vehicles recently. A forklift, a few bobcats, and some tractors and backhoes. The scales are a touch off my usual targets, but they look okay.


The bobcats are a little big, but since actual bobcats look almost comically small, the slightly large scale works out fine. Similarly, the backhoes are a touch small, but they’re big enough that the difference between varying scales isn’t as pronounced as with cars or light trucks.


Now I suppose I’m going to need to build a construction site…


  1. thehuanglong

    I think a construction site is a great idea for terrain! Multiplayer maps from videogames like Rainbow Six: Raven Shield make good inspiration for Infinity because they are balanced and have a lot of cover, and the construction site map is one I have been itching to try. A few stacks of pipes, a few containers, the vehicles, demountable buildings and you’re ready to go. Still a pipe dream for me though, I only just got my first board up and running yesterday. You can see it at https://eternalrival.wordpress.com/2014/12/05/first-infinity-board/

    • rexlogan

      Nice board! My group tends to go for really busy tables with lots of multi-level buildings and scatter terrain. Recently we’ve been trying to ramp up the realism a bit with more scatter (like the cars) and some ‘streetspace’ worked into the layouts. I’d love to get a permanent space set up in my basement at some point, but I think that’s a long ways off.

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