Infinity – N3, Thunder, and Upcoming Excitement

Our N3 pre orders have rolled into the local shop, but I was stuck at home prepping for a party we’re hosting tomorrow and couldn’t pick it up. I’m hoping to swing by and scoop it after tomorrow’s shindig is over and the boys are in bed. I started flipping through the new rules on my phone over the last couple of days, but it’s just not the same. So far mostly feeling positive about everything; looking forward to reading more about dispersion, as I’m not a fan of static dispersion and want to see what situations might introduce variance…
Last weekend we had another Infinity night at Thunder, so I’ve got a few pictures to post:

construction vehicles! “]image

Yu Jing taking cover. It wouldn't be sufficient to save their lives...


Yu Jing 2-1
Ariadna 2-0
Combined Army 1-2
Haqqislam 0-2

As for upcoming stuff? We’re likely going to be hosting or second tournament in January; hopefully we’ll get a couple new faces out for that.
If you’re in Northwestern Ontario and you’re looking for an infinity tournament to enter, we’d love to have you!

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