Infinity – I field a Dog Warrior, my doctor heals a guy, and my dodge-crazy Antipodes tear up the battlefield…

Played a team game at Casual night on Sunday; 2v2, 150pts per player, Nomads/Combined vs Haqqislam/Ariadna.


I actually got my Cateran into the tower!

I fielded my first Dog Warrior, and found him pretty entertaining; I spent some time tonight prepping my second one for assembly (I’m out of glue, so final assembly will have to wait), and plan to field both next time.
My 112 EMS managed to heal my Cateran with medkits three times before getting shot himself,so that was awesome.


These guys might have been my MVPs if my Antipodes hadn't ripped through so many enemy units during their reactive turn...

And finally, I think this was the first time I ever fielded Antipodes properly. They dodged and engaged their way up the entire map, clearing much of the right hand side of the board during the opponents’ turn, and working their way up to the snipers perched in the centre of the Nomad/Combined deployment zone.
I think our next season will see me field more wolves…

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