Infinity – Low Tier Biotechvore

Zeb (our regular Yu Jing player) and I tried out Biotechvore on Sunday, in preparation for the local tournament this coming weekend. We both brought lots of infiltrators, and both had no problems with our confused deployment rolls, which helped us out immensely. We set up an urban battlefield; I deployed second and went first.



Both of us managed to clear the biotechvore zones without too much difficulty. Between our infiltrators and our impetuous units, we each only had a few units that actually needed to make much of an effort. The weirdest thing for me was not being able to set a solid sniper position in my deployment zone, but I offset that a little by fielding a foxtrot sniper on the left side of the midfield. She was eventually eliminated by a ninja that had secretly deployed on the same building, just behind her, but not before dispatching a fair number of Yu Jing, including all of Zeb’s impetuous units.


All in all, my force performed well, although I think I’d have had a lot of trouble with the Jotum that one of our Pan-O players is likely – okay, guaranteed – to field. My Veteran was probably the only unit that would have been a serious threat (although my Irmandinho rolled an E/M CCW on his booty table, so I guess you never know). I also need to re-read the command token rules, and make sure I’ve got a good handle on coordinated orders; with that Jotum floating around and a decent likelihood that I’ll be facing it on the 26th at some point, my list is probably going to have to swap some infiltrators for big guns. I need to take another look at my glue options, too.


LGL Volunteer attempts to take down a much costlier unit...


The ninja miscalculates, attempting to surprise my Veteran. Sixth Sense L2 makes short work of him.

My biggest letdown of the evening was my Spetsnaz sniper, who got shot very early and spent the rest of the game unconscious in the biotechvore zone (he passed his rolls, but it occurs to me now I’ll have to check if he gets any…). My Kazak Veteran easily made up for him though, advancing across the battlefield eliminating serious threats, managing not just one, but two critical AROs! I actually remembered to *use* smoke, which my Irmandinho put to excellent use, and managed to get two classified objectives (Extreme Prejudice and Sabotage).


Hostile eliminated.

A very close game, and a nice opportunity to bounce our lists off the rules before the tournament this coming weekend. Now to make some tweaks and follow up with some extra rules reading…

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