40k – Unyielding Razorback Conversion WIP

Given how long it’s been since I did much with 40k, it’s probably worth prefacing this entry a little. So. The Unyielding
The Unyielding are a lost chapter trapped aboard a massive space hulk slash ship’s graveyard (whether by fate or strange science, it attracts ships through the warp which generally crash into it and become enmeshed), and consists of the original lost chapter plus various members of lost squads, companies, and kill teams that they’ve come across on this hulk-world. Originally I just liked the idea of creating fluff that excused me not painting all the second hand models I’ve bought, but it eventually gave rise to such fun concepts as the Jump Wolf Veterans and the Thunderbolt Vindicator. The newest addition to the Chapter is going to a Razorback. Sort of.
You know those makeshift mobile artillery vehicles consisting of a pickup truck with an anti aircraft gun mounted in the bed? Well, that’s what this


Had a bunch of these show up in the used warhammer at the local shop...

made me think of.
Apparently there’s a very nice looking vehicle that follows a similar theme available from forgeworld (it looks like a Halo buggy), but a) forgeworld=$$$ and b) I wanted that repurposed feel that one gets from the classic pickup. I wanted it to look like the Unyielding had taken a truck and mounted a gun on it. I came very close to just buying this sabre platform for the mounted fun portion, but again, forgeworld. Even getting a great deal on it (used at the shop I work at), it would still make up half the cost of the unit. So bitz it is.
First step was to find a pickup (or the 40k equivalent), which brought me to a second hand ork trukk. Missing a few pieces, but that was fine since I was planning on converting it anyway. So not just a truck, but a *captured* truck.


At this point I've already started tearing out the seats and such...

My initial attempt at the lascannon mount got a little out of hand. It started out reasonable, but I kept adding cool bits and pieces until it towered over the truck. Oops.


Well, that would roll over in a second...

I’m sure I’ll find a use for a rotating twin-linked lascannon turret at some point, but this isn’t that use. Round 2.


And with some light magnetization, I can field it as numerous different Razorbacks, or even as a whirlwind or something. So much fun to be had!

I think I’m going to tweak the mount a little, as the poor marine manning the thing is almost falling off the platform, but I’m mostly happy with it and don’t have magnets, so I moved on to the driver and such. Fun finicky stuff.


I cut the ork torso down quite a bit, but it's still pretty bulky, the driver sorta reminds me of the humungus.

Hopefully I’ll get to make a little more progress tonight…

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