Infinity – Spec Ops / Spetsnaz HMG WIP

My most recent acquisitions were a Spetsnaz with boarding shotgun, an ADHL chasseur, and a spec ops model, which I wasn’t entirely sure at time of purchase what I’d be doing with. I’ve opted to give him the HMG and use him as a Spetsnaz for now. I decided to use the gun-free left arm, which almost backfired on me (more on that later), and add the included HMG to that.


Tiny holes make stronger wholes.

Gluing the hand to the gun seemed a little underwhelming as an option, so I shaved the stock down a little (to get it to nestle a little better) and added a pin running from the stock to the wrist. Not completely invisible, but not at all obvious either. I may use green stuff to build up the stock a bit around the pin. That’s right, I recently used green stuff for the first time ever. Way less pliable than I expected; it’s going to take some practice, I expect…
Now the aforementioned near miss. The open hand is held at the Spec Ops’ side, in a downward position, which I completely forgot between cleaning the model last week and converting it this week.


How close was that!?

It actually sits *exactly* level, which means a slightly thinner base (or no base at all) would have doomed it. Close call, that.



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