So, we’ve got a local fellow that occasionally runs classic miniatures games at the shop. A few months ago he ran a Mordheim campaign, and he is now running a six-session Necromunda campaign. This past Saturday, I was able to make it out to play, and so I have now had my first foray into Necromunda! It was a short game, as my opponent panicked and bottled fairly early, but I could hardly blame him; my Escher flamethrower unit came out of the vents on a nearby building and blasted three of his Goliath gangers on the second turn, knocking his leader out of the fight and sing the other two on fire. I’m inexperienced enough he might have turned it around, but my position was pretty strong.
I netted minimal experience for my win, rolling 1’s and 2’s for almost everybody (nobody advanced), but I did manage to Rare Trade a mono sight to mount on my heavy stubber.
Next time I’ll introduce some of the girls!

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