Necromunda: Meet the Saxon Violets! Polly ‘Pulper’ Pershon

Next up, my first painted Escher ganger!



Name: Polly ‘Pulper’ Pershon
Rank: Ganger
Primary Weapon(s): Massive Maul
Current Miniature: Lisa Lambaste, by Hasslefree Miniatures .
Why she’s featured: She’s more or less painted!
Notes: This miniature will soon be repurposed, as Pulper is dead. After narrowly escaping death at the hands of a Van Saar gang called the Street Judges, she swore an oath of hate-filled vengeance. She would hate the entire house of Van Saars for the rest of her life…
Later that day, she was cut down while protecting her leader, Brynja Spearhavok, from a flying mutant that swept down and attacked them. Brynja survived, partially deafened when she struck the side of her head during the melee, but Polly was killed outright.
If only I’d had a medic among my gangers…
In other, more positive news Eva Destruction performed admirably against the mutant horde, and became a medic. I can only assume she learned a lot during the attempt to save Polly. Plus, she probably wanted to show her appreciation, after I spent so much time painting her. That’s new since last time:


Not quite done, but close!


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