Necromunda: Meet the Saxon Violets! Beth, AKA ‘Bettie’ Rage


Bettie Rage, primed.

Name: Bettie Rage
Rank: Ganger
Primary Weapon(s): 2x Bolt Pistols
Current Miniature: Summer (b), by Hasslefree Miniatures.
Why she’s featured: Formerly known simply as Beth, Bettie is the first juve to become a full fledged ganger by virtue of her own efforts.
Notes: Previously represented by Hasslefree’s ‘Brooke’ miniature (which has now been reassigned to Patricia), Bettie has been a valuable part of the gang from the get go. She’s taken the leader of the Street Judges out of action once, and has twice used her quick legs to sprint loot out of contested areas.


Eva Destruction, Beth, and the late Polly 'Pulper'


Former Beth, now Patricia.

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