Necromunda: Meet the Saxon Violets – Jael ‘Jailbird’ Nightingale


Name: Jael ‘Jailbird’ Nightingale
Rank: Ganger
Primary Weapon(s): Autogun
Current Miniature: Pilot Hayden, by Hasslefree Miniatures.
Why she’s featured: This is a great miniature.
Notes: The shortest of the Violets, Jailbird’s mini is from Hasslefree’s ‘Grymn’ line, which are basically space dwarves. I just couldn’t resist finding a home for this miniature; there’s so much character here, and the details are great (haven’t finished painting yet, but note the cyberjack-looking bits by her left ear).
As a Saxon Violets, however, she hasn’t accomplished too much. She’s mostly been backup, supporting whichever Violet finds herself overwhelmed. Not a bad thing, but not very razzle-dazzle, if you will. I’m likely to only get another game or two squeezed in before the end of the campaign, so I’ll have to really push her to give her all.
Hopefully, making some painting progress will help with that.

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