So little time.

From a glance at my unfinished posts, it’s been a while. October saw the local shop run a Game Expo in conjunction with a local fan convention (ThunderCon and TGG’s Game Expo!). Lots of fun; I ran 2-hour demonstrations of Ticket to Ride, Judge Dredd, Batman, and Infinity, and there were about 10 other tables running different demos as well, introducing all sorts of players to games they’d never played before.
The shop has wrapped up the first season of its Wayback series with the conclusion of its Gorkamorka campaign (I’ve got an unfinished post I’ll put up with a few more details on that) and Mordheim will be starting soon. I’ve also recently scooped up some random fantasy miniatures (originally destined for a Mordheim mercenary warband) and am in the process of diving into Frostgrave. I’ve been messing around a little bit with terrain, but over the past week or so I’ve been doing some painting again.


Possibly an odd choice for a winter setting, but it could be a magic outfit of warmth...


A treasure hunter. Lighter pants might have been an idea. Our maybe I'll just take them all the way to black.


Work in progress. Even more than the others.


Yesterday's adventure in pinning madness.

I actually brought the above into work so I could borrow somebody’s micro bits; my drill bits are all too big. I ended up using a straightened staple for the pin, and it was still a close call getting the bit in without destroying the mini. Pinned at the sword bearing arm’s shoulder, and just above the other hand (the staff’s top is a separate piece). Looks dynamite, but yeesh.
Actual frostgrave commentary will follow in a later post.
Thanks for sticking around, folks!

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