Frostgrave – Getting Started

I’ve managed to get in a couple of games of Frostgrave over the last month or so, and so far I’m really liking it. My first game was with a friend of mine that’s never really played a miniatures game, so the fact that he caught on really quickly was excellent. I had a bunch of random fantasy minis, and broke out a box of d&d miniatures stuff for my friend to use. I forgot you could double move at all and we didn’t use any random creatures, but had a blast.


My second game was with a friend that plays rpgs and Infinity with me, so this was an easy sell where he was concerned. He brought a bunch of pathfinder bestiary pawns and I played with a slightly tighter selection of random miniatures; we also forgot about random creatures, oops!


Grabbing some treasure!

I’ll be running a Frostgrave demo day at the shop on the 30th, so I definitely need to get in another game or two, just to get all of the rules into my head before I need to be an expert… Grin.


My thief preparing to escape past his bowman.

So far a lot of fun. Looking forward to that demo day!

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