Frostgrave: Meet the Headtakers – Beatrice

Name: Beatrice Hammerhand
Soldier Type: Dwarf Infantryman


Still a work in progress, but coming along nicely.

Miniature: Hayden from Hasslefree.
Backstory: Beatrice and her close friend Jaeger grew up together in the Northern Wastes, far beyond Felstad. Their village of Raven’s Peak is a quiet one, but has a long and storied history of great warriors, beginning centuries ago when the Wastes were not yet wastes and great city-states went to war over what was once a resource-rich land. These days, young would-be warriors generally leave Raven’s Peak to seek employment and experience as mercenaries, developing their skills and gaining recognition. Few return home before they can command an impressive purse.
Beatrice and Jaeger spent a couple years walking south, stopping frequently to pick up contracts. They spent a few months working with different crews just to diversify their skillset a little; Beatrice spent that time with an overland hunting party tracking dangerous creatures. It was during this stretch that she picked up her dog, Tannhauser. Eventually she and Jaeger found themselves in a boom town just outside Felstad. Work was plentiful in the area, with countless wizards hiring adventurers to help raid the thawing ruins. Being from so far north, Beatrice has often felt like an outsider, but there are no shortage of outsiders around Felstad.
Since arriving, she and Jaeger have continued to work as a pair; over the past few months they met and bonded with a very skilled thug named Skrixx Aeon’k; the three (plus Tannhauser) now work almost exclusively as a trio.

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