Frostgrave – Meet the Headtakers: Tannhauser

Name: Tannhauser
Soldier Type: War Hound


Not even painted...

Miniature: a ‘beast’ from an old Warhammer Fantasy (citadel/marauder era?) Dark Elf Beastmaster blister.
Backstory: The village where Tannhauser was born was one of many destroyed by monstrous creatures loosed by the thaw. Left with no home, he wandered the wilds for a couple years before running into Beatrice Hammerhand. At the time, she was working her stretch hunting beasts, while Jaeger was doing dungeon work. Tannhauser sensed a kindred spirit, and the two quickly grew inseparable.
When Beatrice, Jaeger  and Skrixx Aeon ‘k were hired on to the Headtakers under She (Who Will Not be Named), Tannhauser came with them.
Tannhauser died during his very first confrontation as a member of the Headtakers, cut down by a dagger blow from Patrick the thief, a member of Colin the Blue’s warband. Beatrice Hammerhand has sworn vengeance.
I do not envy Patrick…

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