Frostgrave – Meet the Headtakers: She (Who Will Not be Named)

Name: She (Who Will Not be Named)
Wizard School: Necromancer


Practically finished!

Miniature: Yrsa the Accused, from Red Box Games.
Backstory: On an older map of the area surrounding Felstad, you might might a village called Hope Springs. About 30 years ago, this particular small village was gutted by plague. The military was sent to quarantine the village, and when everybody was believed dead they burned Hope Springs to the ground.
A young girl walked out of the village a week later; she’d apparently been living in the cemetery since the death of her family weeks earlier. She seemed untouched by the illness that had ravaged her home, but disappeared before anybody could glean much information about how she’d survived all that time. Rumours spread like wildfire, tales of cannibalism and dark magics and a thousand taboos. The girl from Hope Springs became a legend, a dark fable spun from the stuff of nightmares.
She (Who Will Not be Named) swept down out of the mountains a few years ago and took the locals by surprise, one of the first to respond to the thaw in Felstad. When she wasn’t up in Felstad, picking through the ruins, she was being avoided by the local townsfolk. They respond to her when directly addressed, and make an effort not to be too obvious about it, but the prevailing opinion among the local townships seems to be that She is the lost daughter of the damned that they’ve warned their children about for decades. That she’s cold and distant and clearly possesses some significant skill in the dark arts only serves to feed the local rumour mill.
The only person that went out of their way to connect with She was Morrigan,  a young shamanic failure from one of the nearby barbarian tribes with a pretty unsubtle obsession with the dead, and even she hasn’t learned anything significant about the cold stranger from the mountains.

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