Frostgrave – Meet the Headtakers: Rikkits

Name: Rikkits
Soldier Type: Ratfolk Thief


Rikkits is still in the paint job I got him in. Might update it at some point, but not a priority with so many unpainted models laying about...

Miniature: Old Mordheim Skaven (‘Master Assassin 2’)
Backstory: Rikkits has a long and shadowed history of dungeon work, and a distinct disinterest in discussing it. Word of mouth and rumour has generally been enough to keep him in plenty of work; he’s quick enough and sufficiently skilled that jobs usually find him. He doesn’t talk about his past, he doesn’t talk about previous contracts… he really doesn’t talk much at all.
Rikkits can be short-tempered and vicious, but he’s good in a bind and has a real nose for trouble. Having been part of Xaalia’s previous crew, he’s known to both Xaalia and Jaeger. She (Who Will Not be Named) hired him on Morrigan’s recommendation; he’s done some discreet contract work for her in the past.

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