Frostgrave – Back to the Well of Dreams and Sorrows


Last night found the Headtakers returning to the Well of Dreams and Sorrows to face off against their favourite rivals. We took a hint from a couple of Lich Lord missions and started on the corners. Both Anja and Skrixx Aeon’k were back at the Treasury (to be named later) recovering from bad wounds received last time.


She (Who Will Not be Named) led the first group of Wren, Xaalia, and Reichenbach the dog, while Morrigan took Rikkits, Jaeger, and Beatrice with her. Alistair went solo, running into some ruins and beginning to climb to higher ground. By the second turn, She’s group was approaching the Well (and the forces of Colin the Blue) and Morrigan’s crew had slammed into a bottlenecked mess in Chris’ quarter of the table…


Beatrice faced off with Bearchest and Jaeger got saddled with the first of several zombies. The alleyway was too narrow for three, so Rikkits eventually cut around the other side of the tower in an effort to take some of the pressure off Jaeger and Beatrice, and engaged the archer carrying a horn. While this in all likelihood saved Beatrice, it was also the last thing Rikkits would ever do, as he was killed by the archer Van Horne.


Jaeger would also eventually be cut down, but would survive.
Elsewhere, things were going a bit better, as Xaalia passed a few treasures on her way to strike a blow against the warband of Colin the Blue. Colin’s warband has a lot of archers, and Xaalia cut several arrows out of the sky as she crossed the battlefield. One of Colin’s treasure hunters (Indiana Bones) charged her as she approached a treasure he’d had his eye on, and she cut him down with her new magical blade, Dreamcrusher.
Reichenbach had his own moments of glory, first crushing an enemy war rat, and then charging an enemy wizard that was in the process of drinking from the Well of Dreams and Sorrows. He failed to kill the wizard outright, but did win the combat, pushing the wizard back to his doom.


It was about this time that a mysterious cry began to sound, drawing the concern of the Headtakers and others. We attempted to appease the wailing spirit, but to no avail… it grew louder and more insistent, calming in my presence but growing in intensity every time the Headtakers attempted to refocus their efforts. And so, the game was eventually called due to my inconsolable child’s inability to sleep. Wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t been going for the whole shebang; I finished with practically nothing.

The corner deployment was nice. Softened the blow of being in the middle considerably. We’ll probably stick with the concept and tweak it going forward. This time we used an 8″ square in each corner, with the two associated sides being safe to leave by.

Forthe Aepryl, Year of the Scaled Phoenix
-at the Well of Dreams and Sorrows

The Brass Knuckles:
Gary, human archer, shot down by Alistair
Indiana Bones, human treasure hunter, killed by Xaalia in close combat.

Chris’ Warband:
Bearchest, human barbarian, cut down by Beatrice.
The Rat, giant rat ‘war hound’, overwhelmed by Reichenbach.
Badly Wounded:
Truman, apprentice, mauled by wild dogs.
Niggling Injury:
Lazarus the Arcane One, Wizard, nearly drowned in the Well of Dreams and Sorrows.

The Headtakers:
Skrixx Aeon’k, scaled folk knight
Anya, human barbarian
She, human Necromancer, Colin the Blue’s grenade spell.
Badly Wounded:
Jaeger the Blade, human infantryman, attacked by summoned zombies.
Rikkits Longclaw, ratfolk thief, killed by Van Horne in close combat.


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