Frostgrave – Meet the Headtakers: Jaeger

Name: Jaeger the Blade
Soldier Type: Human Barbarian
Formerly: Infantryman


Everybody is a WIP in this game! Grin.

Miniature: Jholkar of Bolverk from Hasslefree
Backstory: Jaeger grew up in the same northern tribe as Beatrice. They both trained as Infantrymen together before striking out to earn their adulthoods in the South. Upon arriving in the region surrounding Felstad they worked primarily with a member of the Scaled Folk known as Skrixx Aeon’k. Eventually Jaeger’s own strengths showed themselves to differ from Beatrice’s, and they split up for a while to gone their individual skill sets. It was during this stretch that Jaeger worked with Rikkits and Xaalia.

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