Frostgrave – Meet the Headtakers – Anja

Name: Anja
Soldier Type: Human Captain
Formerly: Barbarian
Miniature:  Hasslefree’s Sana (HFH063)

Backstory: Anja is Morrigan’s older cousin. She travels and adventures most of the time, while maintaining ties with some of her family. Years of wandering mean that she’s covered a lot of ground and made many contacts; Wren’s father was one of these (he was a trader). She used to pass through Wren’s village every couple of years, and had adventured with with his elder brothers. It was during one of these trips through the region that she stumbled upon the undead incursion and took it upon herself to return the ghouls to their everlasting rest. Unfortunately, Wren was the only survivor she found in the entire village.

While they were never especially close, Anja did always find her younger, weirder cousin to be entertaining, and so touched base every once in a while if she found herself near home. Anja was hired by Morrigan directly.

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