Frostgrave – Balance and Faking Games

Not everybody in our Frostgrave group can make it to every game, and some guys are only able to make it out once or twice in several games. This generally means that they are doomed to some degree (eventually if not right away). To combat our inconsistent availability, I developed the Frostgrave Faker, a quick chart that stimulates game results from a Warband Development perspective. Experience, money, and gear, randomly generated using the same d20 you use for your game.


So far it seems to work pretty well; the d20 gives it that familiar Frostgrave swing and the results seem slightly low average (obviously we don’t want missing a game to be more beneficial than playing it, grin). We mostly play 3-player games, so this might have more of less swing built in than some groups of different sizes. Averages should theoretically be similar, though.
Feel free to try it out and leave some feedback, I didn’t have as much raw data as would have been useful so hearing back from other players would be very helpful!


  1. dave2718

    This is a cool idea. I suspect similar tables could be created for other campaign based systems, like This is Not a Test. Thanks for sharing

    • rexlogan

      Thanks! Yeah, missing a game of two isn’t the end of the world but we have some players who are way more likely to miss a game, and I figured we’d try to solve it *before* it became an issue. Hopefully I’ll get some feedback from other players at some point (these were based on experiential results rather than mathematical, so they might not work as consistently as I’m hoping). Grin.

  2. vongutenboom

    Thats a very intresting idea to sub a game with a game generator ! If your intested my most resent post was about frostgrave and i put a link to a guy on wordpress that made a very nice house rule set for frostgrave campaigns that helps balence things like this im planing to try it out on in my game groups next fg campaign. And i plan to show them your idea and see what they think! Thanks for posting this!

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