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Blood Bowl – the Crookshank Skullkickers’ first games! 

When the new Blood Bowl released, I snapped up a Skaven team and dice (the latter, in part, because I knew I wouldn’t get another chance) so that is be ready if I got the chance to get into it. As time progressed I got more interested, and I got the box set for Christmas from my folks. It wasn’t until last night, though, that I finally got to play. 

I invited a few friends over to share the experience (and yes, while not intended,  I totally did this on Super Bowl Sunday), and we busted out a couple box sets (plus my skaven) and played a couple games. A rousing Blitzmania start for us. 

My first game was against an orc team called the Arrrghanauts. I’d never played before and he’d only played once, so we were pretty evenly matched in terms of experience. I used the default Skavenblight Scramblers lineup and he built up a list full of blockers and blitzers. I received the kickoff and then got the first touchdown early when my thrower rolled a 6 on a hail mary to a gutter runner that had snuck down the field during the previous turn. 


The Arrrghanauts were definitely overpowering me in terms of the physical game, but I got pretty lucky on the injury rolls. Not every dice roll went my way, but some of the most crucial ones did.

Like greased lightning!

The thrower here had already moved, and the blitzer needed to Go For It twice to make the blitz happen. 1, team re-roll to 4, 1 again. So the blitzer fell on his face, and my runner made another touchdown. The game continued on a similar note. I’d have about half my team lying on the ground, but as long as I could get *somebody* through the line I’d be okay. The Arrrghanauts made a couple of solid drives up the field but my skaven were fast enough to catch up every time, turning things around when they got there. 

Seriously, these guys have earned some names and paint!

I got in a second game as well, also against Orcs. C is also a new player but she’s got a half dozen  games under her belt already, and her injury dice were treating her a little better. I won that game as well, but I struggled more to score fewer touchdowns, and she caused a full casualty. I’m excited to play an ongoing league at some point but it will definitely make my squishy rats a  bit more of a liability.

For the moment, though, the Crookshank Skullkickers are off to a strong start, with two wins in a row! 




Got a tiny bit of time to myself while we were at my wife’s mother’s house for the Easter weekend. Used a little bit of it for working on Hel’s BELLEs, a little bit for some Zombie Dice (which my sister and her husband gave me for Christmas this weekend; we gave them Archaeology: the Card Game) and a single very relaxing game of Equilibrion. That would be Urbion to most folks, but being as I live in Northern Ontario, and as I picked it up right away, I wound up with one of the early editions, when Shadi Torbey was still calling it by its original name. The first couple times I played this, when I first picked it up, it gave me a lot of trouble, but in hindsight I have to wonder if I was just really distracted. Because it seems just as smooth and easy as Onirim now. Go figure.

Anyway, its a solid little solitaire game, although it seems a little more beatable than Onirim so far. Could be I need to introduce some of the (included!) expansions already. Also haven’t had the chance to try it two-player. Maybe at some point down the line. If I do, I’ll try to remember to mention it, and pass on any impressions I get. For now, I’ll just say that if you’re looking for a quick solitaire game that you can play when you find a quiet moment, Urbion’s a pretty sweet option.

Mille Bornes

Been checking out Mille Bornes the last couple of days and I’ve got some mixed feelings. Fun enough, and I think a four player game with two teams might play better, but I’ve been checking it out 3-player and it suffers. Entire games have gone to 700 and even 1000 miles without drawing a necessary card. One of these I never drew a go card. Another I got wrecked right away and never drew a repair. Allowing for drawing from the discard pile helps, but other players still aren’t obligated to toss what you need.
All in all, it seemed like a perfect example of what I was talking about the other day. Absolutely needing a card and not getting it. 1954’s own version of m:tg’s manascrew.
Like I said, team games might alleviate this, as you’d draw half the deck,  but I still don’t think it would *solve* the problem.

In other news, introduced my sister and her husband to Justified. So good.

eclipse? survive!


Board games tonight with some of the Pathfinder crew. Started with a nice little 3-hour game of Eclipse, and then wrapped up with a couple games of Survive! Eclipse first…

Second time playing Eclipse, and I like it, but it’s huge. Lots to do, lots to think about, and it takes a few hours. On top of that, definitely seems the sort of game where the only way to really speed it up is to get more familiar with it, which is hard to do when you need to sink so much time into a game. I made some good decisions, and some bad decisions (especially during the endgame), and came in a close third. Out of three, so not amazing, but I didn’t get trounced, either. We were actually fairly close. DM took the plant-species and won, Wizard took the cyborgs, and I lost as the zombie-monsters from beyond the stars. If we get another game in before too long, I hope I can do better.

Survive! has been on my to-play list for ages, but tonight was the first time I ever got to play a game. Really liked it. Clever but fairly simple, and pretty well paced, with a lot of room to play it differently. Our first game was pretty relaxed, and the second was much more vicious. Pretty awesome that it worked so well in both instances. Really a game that can be as cutthroat as you want it to be.

I’ve been trying to cobble together a complete game for a while now, and I found an almost complete copy a few weeks ago; between that and what I already had I was able to put together a full game, with tons of leftover bits and pieces. Enough for the 5-6 player variants that the rerelease makes possible (I just spray painted a couple people sets green and blue). We just had three of us tonight, but I look forward to trying some bigger, more ridiculous games…


…is what my brother in law calls carcassonne, which I played this afternoon with my wife and my folks. I frequently (when I don’t give books) like to give board games as gifts. This has mixed results sometimes, as it can be tricky finding a game that’s got the right mix of introducability, forgiving learning curve, fun, and depth. Sometimes they sit for a while. Sometimes they sit longer than that. So when my parents told me they’d played carcassonne at their friends’ place, it was a no brainer. A solid board game they already liked? I picked it up and gave it to them for Christmas. Its an excellent game, and I felt good about its odds.
They’ve played almost every day since january. 1 game every afternoon after lunch. Which is fantastic, as it means they’re comfortable with it. (Also very good. I myself have probably only played 4-6 games of carcassonne ever). My mother won, which she felt great about; apparently my dad *always* gets *all* the monasteries, and we broke that up a bit. At least that was their take on it. Grin. Also squeezed in a quick game of euchre before our son woke up from his nap.
For my birthday a couple months ago, my folks gave me merchant of venus, which they look forward to trying with us at some point. H is going to need a significantly longer nap. Probably have to play that one here, after he’s gone to bed.