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Razmir called. He says ‘You’re welcome.’


Pathfinder the other night. Which was extra sweet as the night before included the dogs getting into a tiff and crashing into the second-hand devastator squad I was repainting. I found all the bits and pieces but it wasn’t exactly the high point of my week. So, when halfway through Saturday’s shift I suddenly remembered I would be playing pathfinder within hours… well, that was a good moment.
Having infiltrated a cult when last we convened a few weeks ago, this week was gloriously smashy. We looted and pillaged and fought our way through reams of evil cultness. I had the pleasure of grappling a mask golem to the crowd and completely pummeling it while our fighter’s sword bounced off and our wizard’s spells fizzled. Our sorcerer, having been possessed, hit me with a couple shocking grasps. All in all a rousing night though. We escaped alive, brought an evil cult to justice, and beat the tar out of almost everything we could find.
I might be ready to reattach those devastator limbs and return to painting.