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Infinity – T2 Blackjack WIP#3

Continuing on from where I left off… I got those fiddly bits attached last time, so this time I started by finishing up with the Vallejo Olive Drab on the armour plating and the Citadel Warplock Bronze on the various actuators and mechanical parts.

Further detail involved more machine parts first; I decided to make most of the actual Blackjack a combination of the green and bronze, with some Vallejo Gunmetal Blue on te actual armaments. All Vallejo browns for the little details. Saddle Brown, Red Leather, and a couple others.

Agrax Earthshade over pretty much the whole thing netted me some depth. I’m not a huge fan of what I’ve done with the submachine gun. The combination of Olive Drab plating with the Gunmetal Blue weapon looks weird to me, but so did a huge box of Gunmetal Blue.

I opted to do some drybrushing once that was done. Mostly just a mix of the Olive Drab with a slightly more traditional Vallejo green, which I drybrushed over almost everything. It’s acceptable, but not very fancy. In some spots the green overshadows the other base colours, but I’m really happy with the effect it had on the armour plating, so I figure the pros outweigh the cons here.

I haven’t clearcoated it yet, but I doubt I’ll do much else before that step. Highlighting’s not usually something I bother with. Mostly I just need to decide if I want to do anything else with the weapons before calling it done.

Random Miniature – Shaggy

Finally, my third September miniature, and my entry into the SciFi/Modern painting competition at ThunderCon.

This one was never likely to make the top 3; SciFi/Modern is our toughest competition, but I often like to use these competitions just get some cool miniatures into peoples’ faces.

It’s a pretty simple miniature – not a lot of bells and whistles – but it looks really good. Another brilliant miniature from Hasslefree.

I did have one unfortunate disaster. I was basically done with Shaggy and was working on Qadira when I spilled about a half bottle of Reikland Fleshshade. Shaggy took the brunt of it, and wound up soaked to about the knee.

I used a paper towel to stop the pool from spreading and ran Shaggy down to the bathroom for a quick rinse, which as you might expect did a number on some of the previously applied washes. The figure I just touched up, but the base had been basically finished and I didn’t want to mess up the lower portion of the figure any further, so I didn’t do much recovery on the base. Most of the paint held okay, but I lost some of the deepest shades.

Regardless, I’m endlessly entertained by this miniature, and it got a lot of comments and attention (even if it didn’t win anything). It generated less of discussion, and that’s really the most I can generally hope for is some conversation and newly-sparked interest.

Frostgrave – Getting Started

I’ve managed to get in a couple of games of Frostgrave over the last month or so, and so far I’m really liking it. My first game was with a friend of mine that’s never really played a miniatures game, so the fact that he caught on really quickly was excellent. I had a bunch of random fantasy minis, and broke out a box of d&d miniatures stuff for my friend to use. I forgot you could double move at all and we didn’t use any random creatures, but had a blast.


My second game was with a friend that plays rpgs and Infinity with me, so this was an easy sell where he was concerned. He brought a bunch of pathfinder bestiary pawns and I played with a slightly tighter selection of random miniatures; we also forgot about random creatures, oops!


Grabbing some treasure!

I’ll be running a Frostgrave demo day at the shop on the 30th, so I definitely need to get in another game or two, just to get all of the rules into my head before I need to be an expert… Grin.


My thief preparing to escape past his bowman.

So far a lot of fun. Looking forward to that demo day!

Infinity – Spec Ops / Spetsnaz HMG WIP

My most recent acquisitions were a Spetsnaz with boarding shotgun, an ADHL chasseur, and a spec ops model, which I wasn’t entirely sure at time of purchase what I’d be doing with. I’ve opted to give him the HMG and use him as a Spetsnaz for now. I decided to use the gun-free left arm, which almost backfired on me (more on that later), and add the included HMG to that.


Tiny holes make stronger wholes.

Gluing the hand to the gun seemed a little underwhelming as an option, so I shaved the stock down a little (to get it to nestle a little better) and added a pin running from the stock to the wrist. Not completely invisible, but not at all obvious either. I may use green stuff to build up the stock a bit around the pin. That’s right, I recently used green stuff for the first time ever. Way less pliable than I expected; it’s going to take some practice, I expect…
Now the aforementioned near miss. The open hand is held at the Spec Ops’ side, in a downward position, which I completely forgot between cleaning the model last week and converting it this week.


How close was that!?

It actually sits *exactly* level, which means a slightly thinner base (or no base at all) would have doomed it. Close call, that.



Infinity – Low Tier Biotechvore

Zeb (our regular Yu Jing player) and I tried out Biotechvore on Sunday, in preparation for the local tournament this coming weekend. We both brought lots of infiltrators, and both had no problems with our confused deployment rolls, which helped us out immensely. We set up an urban battlefield; I deployed second and went first.



Both of us managed to clear the biotechvore zones without too much difficulty. Between our infiltrators and our impetuous units, we each only had a few units that actually needed to make much of an effort. The weirdest thing for me was not being able to set a solid sniper position in my deployment zone, but I offset that a little by fielding a foxtrot sniper on the left side of the midfield. She was eventually eliminated by a ninja that had secretly deployed on the same building, just behind her, but not before dispatching a fair number of Yu Jing, including all of Zeb’s impetuous units.


All in all, my force performed well, although I think I’d have had a lot of trouble with the Jotum that one of our Pan-O players is likely – okay, guaranteed – to field. My Veteran was probably the only unit that would have been a serious threat (although my Irmandinho rolled an E/M CCW on his booty table, so I guess you never know). I also need to re-read the command token rules, and make sure I’ve got a good handle on coordinated orders; with that Jotum floating around and a decent likelihood that I’ll be facing it on the 26th at some point, my list is probably going to have to swap some infiltrators for big guns. I need to take another look at my glue options, too.


LGL Volunteer attempts to take down a much costlier unit...


The ninja miscalculates, attempting to surprise my Veteran. Sixth Sense L2 makes short work of him.

My biggest letdown of the evening was my Spetsnaz sniper, who got shot very early and spent the rest of the game unconscious in the biotechvore zone (he passed his rolls, but it occurs to me now I’ll have to check if he gets any…). My Kazak Veteran easily made up for him though, advancing across the battlefield eliminating serious threats, managing not just one, but two critical AROs! I actually remembered to *use* smoke, which my Irmandinho put to excellent use, and managed to get two classified objectives (Extreme Prejudice and Sabotage).


Hostile eliminated.

A very close game, and a nice opportunity to bounce our lists off the rules before the tournament this coming weekend. Now to make some tweaks and follow up with some extra rules reading…

Infinity – Irmandinhos and Dog Warriors


Lots of pinning done here! Probably unnecessary, but I want to be sure...

A couple of new units I’m planning to field tomorrow evening at our monthly Infinity Night at a local game store. Unless we get new people coming out, in which case I’ll probably be playing simple demo squads of 100 pts or less instead.
So, new units or new players. Sounds like I win either way…

the Subtle Art of Not Dying.

Pathfinder was pretty insane last night (and marvelously long… went until almost 4:30am). We fought our way through the City of Golden Death, and we certainly almost died a lot.
We started by attempting to climb over a wall (and thus bypass much of the city) but Rock (that would be my monk) hit a magical barrier at the wall’s summit and was shocked off the wall. He managed to slow his descent, but our adventurers were left with no choice but to work our way through the city. We fought several fire elementals, some bat swarms and a few golden snakes before arriving at the wall’s gate. Which was of course guarded by a pair of gold-plated ogre skeletons. We actually bested them pretty quickly; it helped that we distrusted them to such a degree that we pretty much attacked them before they’d really even animated.
Inside the first wall we had to once again traverse much of the city, which we once again chose to do by method of frequent violence. Skeleton soldiers encrusted with gold; a teleporting, acid-slathered demon with a vicious serrated longspear (our fighter broke the longspear and I shoved the demon off a bridge into a river of molten gold); several cultists; and an ambush or two later, and we found ourselves bursting into the city’s innermost ring. Here we were immediately charged by a golden skeletal dragon (on a treacherous bridge over a river of molten gold, of course); he breathed fire on us before we had a chance to do much of anything. I managed to divert the flames via some flowy monkrobe trickery, but everybody else got pretty toasted. Mordus the wizard sank back into the shadows and cast haste on all of us, and we flung ourselves at the behemoth. A couple rounds later and I was fighting the dragon hand-to-hand with my back to the edge of the bridge. I decided to burn some ki to boost my AC and CMD, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad I did. Because the dragon decided to attempt its super powerful move of doom – which is a pretty way of saying our DM wanted to try out the cool move before we killed his dragon. His words? Sorry if you die, I’m not trying to kill you on purpose, but this is kinda his big move…
Well, the dragon did his big move. His tail came screaming through the air towards me, and we worked out my CMD. My monkeriffic abilities, my dodge feat, my sweet wisdom, my dexterity, my ki bonus, my dwarven stability… it all added up to a momentary CMD of 33; the dragon would need a roll of 18… The die came up a 17, for a Combat Maneuver roll of 32! I totally didn’t die! What would have killed me here? Not a dwarf? Dead. Not a monk? Dead. No ki? Dead. Not burning ki for a dodge bonus? Dead. No dodge feat? Dead. Low dex? Dead. Low wisdom? Dead. Get the idea? And I feel its worth pointing out we’re not talking unconscious dying, resurrected 3 days later dead. This is sailing off a bridge into a river of molten gold to simultaneously burn to death, drown, and disintegrate. Hot dang.
This was obviously the high point of the evening for me. We slew the dragon, dodged a naga, fought more cultists, a herald, and a high priestess that turned out to be Mordus’ mom, and then an elder fire elemental (’cause why not?), which definitely almost killed the lot of us. After which the temple collapsed and we teleported onto a beach using two vials we found on Mordus’ dead mom, who is currently in his bag of holding,  awaiting a proper burial in the crypt of the everflame, where her former companions have rested for centuries.
Can you believe I feel like I’ve missed some stuff? And I probably have. More times that we almost died, no doubt. *Very* big couple days for four misfits from Kassan.

Rats East!

I love gaming, but I got into it pretty late. I have to wonder what would have been different if I’d had an older brother into miniatures, or a bunch of friends playing dungeons and dragons when it first came out. Would I be closer now to the roommate that played 40k when I used to live with him? Would I have been able to campaign beyond 6th level before life got in the way and dragged the group apart (I have yet to make 10th level in any pen and paper rpg)? Would I have just been able to enjoy these things back when I had time to enjoy them?

I’ve newly become a father, and I honestly can’t wait to be able to share these things with my son. To let him imagine a magical quest or cyberpunk adventure. To cooperatively defeat ultimate evil. To paint space marines instead of cars. We’ll see. For now, I’m just catching up on all the great stuff I missed whenI was a kid and didn’t know what was out there.