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112, Emergency Service doctor, finished!

I have another part in the works regarding actual battles, but I thought I’d toss up a quick update regarding the EMS doctor I’ve been painting for my Ariadna army.


Almost finished.

I tackled the base and some final details last night. Not really any highlights (I rarely bother, light and shadow occur on their own, as far as I’m concerned). I’m pretty concerned about how much bond is – or isn’t – occurring where my primer coat is concerned, as it doesn’t take much to reveal bare metal on hard edges, but I’m hopeful that a clearcoat should take care of preventing that. Just need a beautiful day, now.


So close...

At this point the only real issues I’m seeing are some areas where the ink wash has gone on pretty uneven, and the fact that my yellow and red are clearly way too thick. They felt that way going on, too, I’m just going to need to remember that they need way more thinning than everything else in the future.
The ink wash, on the other hand, I could do a little more about, so I did some light touch ups with the ink and a wet brush to try and downplay the uneven spots and the places where it really drew attention to the thick paint…


... and finished!

The red is my forward arc, slightly offset from the outstretched shotgun towards his face. I also tried to be a lot more controlled where blood and how were concerned, limiting it more to just the axe and a little ground spatter.
Also, the base isn’t perfect, but I’m feeling good about it, as I think it’s my second ever base (the first being a dreadnought disaster that I really just inked like crazy to time down the beach and somebody had glued all over the ‘rocky’ base.
Anyway, that’s my first painted Ariadna unit. More battly goodness to come.