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Necromunda – Statuesque ‘Eschers’

The very day I was leaving town to visit a friend of mine, what should arrive in the mail? My Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago Nickstarter, courtesy of Bad Squiddo Games. F:GA will make a larger appearance in some future posts, no doubt, but the reason I went with Bad Squiddo was to add in a few additional miniatures, including a couple of Statuesque miniatures for use with my very unofficial Escher gang.

Rosa the machinegunner was first to get built upon my return to the frozen North, and of course I opted to do some pinning. Her joints varied from a light ball/socket treatment to flat pairs, and I don’t like to take chances. Plus I generally enjoy pinning. That said, Rosa is not a big model (Statuesque is a true scale sort of deal), so we went with staples. Having a smaller bit has been wonderful in terms of being able to pin truescale miniatures without putting them at huge risk (some of my Infinity miniatures are almost more pin than model at some joints).

Fortunately the staples have some give to them (just like the copper wire I use for bigger pinning jobs) so the opposed angles of the arm and wrist didn’t prevent this from working at all. That said, I was definitely wishing I’d thought the angles through a little more before starting.

Yep, those are standard office staples. Should give you an indication of how thin those limbs are.

I’m definitely pleased with the end result. Rosa is a mini I looked at ages ago when I first started looking into Necromunda, but looking at only a couple of miniatures direct from Statuesque meant shipping was going to hurt a little too much too justify. Not that it was outrageously high, but split across only a couple of minis it just didn’t go far enough for me.

I also picked up a second Statuesque mini for use as an Escher juve:

I’ve got lots of gangers and quite a number of heavy options, but I’m pretty short on appropriate juve miniatures, so I’m looking to increase my options there. I also picked a up a couple of girls hauling guns and teddy bears from Hasslefree, but no doubt they’ll make an appearance later.


Shadow War – Steel Legion WIP

Started painting my kill team for Shadow War: Armageddon a week or two ago. The goal was to get one of these guys into shape for the Science Fiction / Modern painting competition, but I just didn’t sink the time in this month, so my Caledonian Volunteer will be taking on that role. My partially painted kill team *did* see some Shadow War action this past weekend, though. Sergeant Jaeger Hel led Hel’s Half-Acre into Von Stravo Spire on Saturday and faced off against some Tau.

I didn’t take a single picture.

The Tau had a few missions under their belts already, but the previous one had gone south, so I was facing a field-promoted leader. They had a few tricks, but I outranged them by a significant margin and was able to use that to my advantage. My sniper and a lasgun Veteran were able to knock the Tau rail rifles out of commission within the first couple of turns, and the only guy I had go down to enemy fire rolled a 1 in the recovery phase and got back up with a flash wound. My favorite moment in the game was probably when one of my Specialists managed to hit the enemy leader with a krak grenade from his launcher, only to roll a 1 to wound. Lucky guy.

I captured one of the rail-riflemen, and earned 200 monies to spend on recruiting/rearming, so I hired a new guy and kitted him out.

I spent the full 200, so this guy is as ready as he can be for whatever comes his way.

‘Til next time.

Necromunda: Arachnophobia!

Our seventh and final session of Necromunda ‘season one’ was a relatively cooperative mission co-starring a whole mess of giant spiders. We discovered that our various missing gang members had been snatched by spiders, and set out to rescue them. There were only three of us this weekend, and we each selected five gang members to field.
… ugh…
It’s been weeks since I started this post. Let’s see what I can come up with at this point.


There were cocoons scattered all over the battlefield; some of these contained the gangers that went missing during the previous session (Hurricane Amy, for example), others contained random civilians whose families would pay to have them back, and the remainder contained dried husks. (We couldn’t save everybody, grin.)
There were several spiders on the battlefield when we started, and every spider death caused a random roll resulting in 0-2 additional spiders. I had a rough start, rolling terribly and losing both my leader Brynja Spearhavok and Calamity Jane Winchester, who went to her rescue.


I thought I was a goner, but my dice picked up, and the rest of my crew started to shine. Helkat had her best game ever, going several rounds in a row with the heavy stubber’s sustained fire, making a ridiculous number of successful ammo rolls and landing a huge number of wounding hits (six, I think, over the course of the entire game)!


Jailbird and Eva Destruction rounded out the crew and both performed admirably. At the end of the evening, the Saxon Violets scored well, and finished second in the overall campaign.
First prize was a Gorkamorka mob, and since the first place player had one already, he claimed a Necromunda hired gun instead and passed the mob on to me!


That's a Nob, a trukk with a Spanner and a Gunner, several Boyz, a Slaver and a couple Grots...

Gorkamorka is the next old school campaign being run in the shop, so I’ll have to make an extra effort to get out and play, now that I have this super sweet mob.

Necromunda – the Saxon Violets vs the Knuckle Dusters

Last Saturday my Saxon Violets faced off against an Orlock gang for the first time, and they did really well. It was a relatively quick game due to the girls’ effectiveness, but lots of fun, and they are now sitting at a *very* close 3rd in the campaign. I doubt I’ll make 1st (I’d probably need to draw the first place gang as an opponent, beat them, *and* take out 2 heavies completely), but 2nd is definitely a possibility.
I went first. Just about everybody ran forward and into what cover they could find on my first turn. Helkat unleashed some heavy stubber fire on an Orlock heavy, pinning him.


Helena 'Helkat' Katzenjammer.

Brynja Spearhavok, the Violets’ leader, deployed via vents in a position where she could provide backup to Eva Destruction without her stupidity being too much of a liability, Eva vented in near a group of three juves in the hopes of using her flamer in the early game, and Hurricane Amy vented into a position where she could hopefully assault either the Orlock heavy or his backup.


'Hurricane' Amy Reynolds; formerly Amy the juve.

The Orlocks took some shots, but the Violets stood their ground. At the end of their turn, their heavy got back up, and they *also* vented into the battlefield, one ganger arriving in cover about 9″ from Bettie Rage, and the leader arriving along with a backup ganger behind Calamity and Skitterbritches. Both also had a good LOF on Jailbird, Maybelline, and Patricia.


Jael 'Jailbird' Nightingale, and Patricia and Maybelline the juves.

On the beginning of my turn – the turn that Hurricane would *finally* have charged somebody and engaged in close combat – the random campaign event resulted in an unidentified monster abducting her. Arrrgh!
As if lashing out in frustration, the Saxon Violets turned up the heat. Bettie Rage sprinted the 9″ needed to charge that vented Orlock and went completely bonkers on him!


Bettie Rage; formerly Beth the juve.

7 hits, 7 wounds; we was very much out. Helkat fired once more on the Orlock heavy, and this time succeeded in taking him out. Jailbird attempted an autogun shot on the leader’s backup, but he was behind a ton of cover that prevented her from making the shot. Skitterbritches tried next, with a much cleaner shot. The ganger was down, but not out. Calamity (who needs a bio, as she’s been a very solid contributor lately) was able to take out the leader of the Knuckle Dusters with a well-placed boltgun round.


'Calamity' Jane Winchester

Eva was getting up in the faces of several juves by the end of the turn, so my second turn ended with one ganger taken out by a mysterious attacker, and three out (plus one down) for the other gang.
The Knuckle Dusters voluntarily bottled, and the Saxon Violets claimed their Mine Workings for their own!

In other news, Patricia became a specialist… can you say ‘new mini’!?


Plasma gun!


So, we’ve got a local fellow that occasionally runs classic miniatures games at the shop. A few months ago he ran a Mordheim campaign, and he is now running a six-session Necromunda campaign. This past Saturday, I was able to make it out to play, and so I have now had my first foray into Necromunda! It was a short game, as my opponent panicked and bottled fairly early, but I could hardly blame him; my Escher flamethrower unit came out of the vents on a nearby building and blasted three of his Goliath gangers on the second turn, knocking his leader out of the fight and sing the other two on fire. I’m inexperienced enough he might have turned it around, but my position was pretty strong.
I netted minimal experience for my win, rolling 1’s and 2’s for almost everybody (nobody advanced), but I did manage to Rare Trade a mono sight to mount on my heavy stubber.
Next time I’ll introduce some of the girls!

40k – Razorbakk WIP II

Finished up the passenger last night, giving him both a missile launcher (for the h-k) and a stormbolter. I also adjusted the lascannon mount; the gunner fits far better now.



The stormbolter/h-k combo is a little much on one guy, so I think I’m going to give the stormbolter to the driver. Otherwise it’s just down to magnets and details at this point. And I’ve got lots of ideas for fun details.

40k – Unyielding Razorback Conversion WIP

Given how long it’s been since I did much with 40k, it’s probably worth prefacing this entry a little. So. The Unyielding
The Unyielding are a lost chapter trapped aboard a massive space hulk slash ship’s graveyard (whether by fate or strange science, it attracts ships through the warp which generally crash into it and become enmeshed), and consists of the original lost chapter plus various members of lost squads, companies, and kill teams that they’ve come across on this hulk-world. Originally I just liked the idea of creating fluff that excused me not painting all the second hand models I’ve bought, but it eventually gave rise to such fun concepts as the Jump Wolf Veterans and the Thunderbolt Vindicator. The newest addition to the Chapter is going to a Razorback. Sort of.
You know those makeshift mobile artillery vehicles consisting of a pickup truck with an anti aircraft gun mounted in the bed? Well, that’s what this


Had a bunch of these show up in the used warhammer at the local shop...

made me think of.
Apparently there’s a very nice looking vehicle that follows a similar theme available from forgeworld (it looks like a Halo buggy), but a) forgeworld=$$$ and b) I wanted that repurposed feel that one gets from the classic pickup. I wanted it to look like the Unyielding had taken a truck and mounted a gun on it. I came very close to just buying this sabre platform for the mounted fun portion, but again, forgeworld. Even getting a great deal on it (used at the shop I work at), it would still make up half the cost of the unit. So bitz it is.
First step was to find a pickup (or the 40k equivalent), which brought me to a second hand ork trukk. Missing a few pieces, but that was fine since I was planning on converting it anyway. So not just a truck, but a *captured* truck.


At this point I've already started tearing out the seats and such...

My initial attempt at the lascannon mount got a little out of hand. It started out reasonable, but I kept adding cool bits and pieces until it towered over the truck. Oops.


Well, that would roll over in a second...

I’m sure I’ll find a use for a rotating twin-linked lascannon turret at some point, but this isn’t that use. Round 2.


And with some light magnetization, I can field it as numerous different Razorbacks, or even as a whirlwind or something. So much fun to be had!

I think I’m going to tweak the mount a little, as the poor marine manning the thing is almost falling off the platform, but I’m mostly happy with it and don’t have magnets, so I moved on to the driver and such. Fun finicky stuff.


I cut the ork torso down quite a bit, but it's still pretty bulky, the driver sorta reminds me of the humungus.

Hopefully I’ll get to make a little more progress tonight…