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…is what my brother in law calls carcassonne, which I played this afternoon with my wife and my folks. I frequently (when I don’t give books) like to give board games as gifts. This has mixed results sometimes, as it can be tricky finding a game that’s got the right mix of introducability, forgiving learning curve, fun, and depth. Sometimes they sit for a while. Sometimes they sit longer than that. So when my parents told me they’d played carcassonne at their friends’ place, it was a no brainer. A solid board game they already liked? I picked it up and gave it to them for Christmas. Its an excellent game, and I felt good about its odds.
They’ve played almost every day since january. 1 game every afternoon after lunch. Which is fantastic, as it means they’re comfortable with it. (Also very good. I myself have probably only played 4-6 games of carcassonne ever). My mother won, which she felt great about; apparently my dad *always* gets *all* the monasteries, and we broke that up a bit. At least that was their take on it. Grin. Also squeezed in a quick game of euchre before our son woke up from his nap.
For my birthday a couple months ago, my folks gave me merchant of venus, which they look forward to trying with us at some point. H is going to need a significantly longer nap. Probably have to play that one here, after he’s gone to bed.