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Infinity – Highlander Cateran and Isobel Macgregor, finished?

Found a bit of hobby time over the weekend; I used some to assemble my remaining dog warrior models and the rest to paint and wash my Cateran and Isobel. Not entirely happy with some aspects, but overall I feel good about them. May do some repainting at a later date…



Ariadna Highlander Guns WIP I

Continued working on my t2 Mormaer last night. Decided it made sense to work on both mormaers at the same time, since they are going to use a lot of the same colours. And then, of course, it occurred to me that my cateran is also going to use at least some of the same colours as well. He’s not armoured, but he does have clothes and a tartan and such, plus I’ve been putting off painting him for way too long, given how frequently I field him. I only had about 30-40 minutes last night, so there hasn’t been all that much progress yet, but here they are:



I’m not entirely sure if I’ll keep the cateran’s shirt that colour or not. I had been thinking I’d be using olive for his pants, and then halfway through the short realised he’s not wearing any; maybe I’ll put it on the bag or something.