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the Cruenta Campaign III & IV

K, so, part III occurred over a week ago, so I want to get it down while it’s fresh in my head. The evening started with a 750 pt series that I missed. Once again, there were a few locations to choose from; everybody choosing a particular location battled for it. I missed that battle, as my son’s bedtime is around 7-730, so I can never get out there before 8. The second event of the evening, however was a zombie holdout! pretty sweet. tau, dark angels, imperial guard, and the unyielding (space marines) had to defend a civilian escape ship for 5 turns against the combined forces of our daemon player’s army and two ever-swelling hordes of zombie doom.
Here we are, ready to stand our ground. My forces are in the close left (5 man tactical squad, heavy bolter devastators, scouts, and a terminator assault squad lead by a chaplain). Realised about 30 seconds into the first turn that I should have put the devastators in the upper roof to give them 360 degrees of awesome.

The hordes each grew at a rate of 5-30 zombies per turn, and each horde counted as a single unit for the purpose of close combat. They dealt glances on 6’s, had a 6+ invulnerable coupled with a 5+ feel no pain, and were generally just nasty enough to make things pretty interesting.
The initial setup at the beginning of turn 1 (defenders would go first).

The chaos daemons were the big threat in the early game; zombies grew more threatening as time wore on, as their ‘reinforcements’ always arrived off their own flank, not at the table edge (if the nearest zombie in the horde was 6 inches away, reinforcements could spawn 6 inches away). Order won the day, but it was close, eventually coming down to a wall of rhino wrecks on the one side and my entire force locked in close combat on the other.
At the beginning of their second turn, I think. I managed to cut down a tonne of zombies every turn, but not enough to keep their ranks from swelling.
The last photo I took. We were about to bask the game, but decided to fill the zombie movement, Just to see if they were indeed doomed. They instead closed with my terminators and I spent the rest of the game killing zombies in close combat.
It’s very rare for me to take devastators into assault, but it was the only way I could continue to destroy enough zombies each turn.

Experience-based rewards? My heavy bolter devastators are now relentless, for starters. Sweet. Oh, and apparently my arguments were sound, there will now be a die roll for absent players to see whether they get any upgrades or advancements when away. They still take the losses, but won’t be quite so crippled going into the next round.

As for Cruenta IV, I missed that one. Just a single series at 750, I think. We move on to 1000pts next.

The Cruenta Campaign II

I missed part II as I was at a family reunion slash farm centennial over the long weekend, so I’m doing pretty terribly Campaign-wise. Apparently it’s been decided that absentees will be given a ‘loss’ score of 1 instead of a ‘draw’ score of 2, which means that missing a game means a pretty massive blow to your capability, as you get the equivalent of no points, no Strategic Assets *and* no opportunity to achieve experience based rewards for surviving units. Pretty garbage move if you ask me. We’ll see if we end up changing that. On occasions where we play more than one battle in an evening, that means you could be getting 2 campaign points while somebody else got 6 campaign points, 4 Strategic Assets, 4 unit upgrades and 2 Hero upgrades.

Given that I have a little boy to put to bed before I can join the fray, and that occasionally will miss a whole evening, this would definitely prompt me to bow out if we decide to introduce any sort of prize pool. I’d be doomed. Short version, I wouldn’t stand a chance. I’d wind up with at least half losses before even playing an actual game, and be ‘levelling’ units at half the rate of other players.

Short post, but the next couple should be longer, and I should get around to them soon. Pathfinder was last night, and tonight was the third Cruenta session. More details in the near future…

The Cruenta Campaign I

First couple rounds of the Cruenta campaign will take place in the Grey star system, named for the dying pulsar that is its only light source. I steered the Unyielding towards the second of the planets, an ocean world called Grey II. Strike force alpha landed in a small chain of volcanic islands that once housed sizable mining operations, in an attempt to seize a geological demolitions charge for use later in the campaign. Unfortunately, a rogue faction of Dark Angels and a small detachment of chaos daemons had similar plans. The battle commenced!


Strike force alpha: a master of the forge, an ironclad kitted for assault, 5 tactical marines and 5 scouts. The battle was a bit of a mess; I found myself twice at the mercy of going first and then last on consecutive turns, in one case allowing a unit of plague bearers (?) to deep strike about an inch in front of my ironclad and then assault the following turn… while I sat doing nothing to prevent it. Lame.
The daemons tore through the dark angels pretty handily, seizing one of two objectives; I spent most of the game just trying to survive their assault on the other objective. My master of the forge managed to eliminate 7 bloodletters, a large portion of a plague bearer unit, and some sort of huge daemon cavalry unit. The ironclad feel to the aforementioned assault, and my two 5-man squads took on most of what remained.


This would be my last two scouts winning an assault and killing a Herald in the process. You can see the daemonic cavalry charging in from behind…
At end of game, I successfully contested the second objective with my two surviving tactical marines (the scouts were sadly lost to the cavalry); my master of the forge also survived.


Obligatory terrible shot of the survivors. According to our campaign rules, I was able to grant my surviving units some special rules. Longshot now has Interceptor; Lucky and Wild’s tactical unit has been made Relentless. Let the madness begin.

As I lost, I only earned 1 point towards the campaign, but at least I now have some more experienced units. Plus, 8 did limit the daemons to only 1 geological demolitions charge.

Final thoughts?
That first-goes-last rule hurt me more than any other factor. Hoping we change that.
Almost nobody chose to storm the planet with the best stuff; we all tried to play the sneaky game, targeting ‘lesser’ planets and ending up fighting for mediocre assets. Kinda hilarious, really.
Finally, scouts are pretty great. One of the tau players was giving me flak about using them, but they did amazingly well. It took that heraldic cavalry daemon to knock them down in the end.