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Azazel learns a valuable lesson…

…in not blurting out ‘hilarious’ courses of action too often.

Deciding against settling down in Kasen and opening up cap’n walgreen’s lobstah shack, we met with our mentors (well, some of us did; my mentor was apparently on a very extended walkabout) and learned a little bit about the seven pointed stars we had to burn into our flesh when we teleported into the local cellar. Something to do with runelords and some ancient pacts and such.
I’m sure we’ll discover more later, for now we were mostly filled with visions of dollar signs and anxious to find somewhere that we could buy and sell gear. So we took a quick day trip to lay the corpse of Mordus’ evil cult high priestess mom to rest, and returned the amulets to their original and very dead owners. No guarantee that *that* isn’t going to bite us in the ass later. Hopefully we’ll be too busy and too far away to deal with any razmiran cult fallout.
For now, we set out in the direction of a dwarven trading village, while keeping a keen eye or two out for a missing friend of our magic users’ mentor. After a solid chunk of time on the road, we came across a bear stuck in a trap, and our fighter just couldn’t stand to see it like that. I suggested we could kill it (a mercy thing?) but Avro insisted on running in and attempting to pull the trap’s chain out of a nearby tree. So he started getting swiped by the bear at about the same time as we heard dogs baying nearby. Azazel jumped in and also started to get mauled while failing to free the bear. Eventually I (Rock, resident monk and combat maneuver expert) grappled the bear. Just in time for the party to get attacked by a one-fingered ogre and a pack of five hunting dogs.
Mordus dropped the ogre into a pit of acid, Azazel and Avro helped him out with the dogs, and I grappled, pinned, and tied the bear before disabling the trap and freeing it. In happy news l, we managed to spot a sweet belt on the ogre before it was destroyed in the acid bath, and Mordus levitated it out of the soup. +2 belt of giant strength for the monk!
We tracked the ogre to a very disturbing farm, and this is where Azazel started to get into trouble. In the barn he investigated a still, which drew the attentions of some three ogres. We then found a deep dark hole covered in thick webs, and he leapt straight in. He managed to land on his feet, but not to avoid getting bitten by an enormous spider and poisoned (strength down!). We defeated the spider and moved on to the farmhouse, where we got a saw blade in the foot, then jumped onto a super creepy flesh couch and fell through onto some bone spikes. Poisoned, of course, with more strength-depleting poison. Azazel at this point got a little more careful about announcng ridiculous actions, though he still spent the rest of the encounter with a strength of 3.
All in all, I did pretty well. 8th level was pretty big for me, and that belt helped boost my attack enough that I can go back to uaing power attack on occasion. Getting a little frustrated with my stunning fist though; I swear everything we fight has a fortitude save of +8 to +14… Anyway. We killed a horrifying ogre mom, rescued the damsel, and even came away with a bit of treasure. Next time we do some shopping. I’m hoping I can track down some boots of speed (although I’ve already got some backup choices figured out).

the Subtle Art of Not Dying.

Pathfinder was pretty insane last night (and marvelously long… went until almost 4:30am). We fought our way through the City of Golden Death, and we certainly almost died a lot.
We started by attempting to climb over a wall (and thus bypass much of the city) but Rock (that would be my monk) hit a magical barrier at the wall’s summit and was shocked off the wall. He managed to slow his descent, but our adventurers were left with no choice but to work our way through the city. We fought several fire elementals, some bat swarms and a few golden snakes before arriving at the wall’s gate. Which was of course guarded by a pair of gold-plated ogre skeletons. We actually bested them pretty quickly; it helped that we distrusted them to such a degree that we pretty much attacked them before they’d really even animated.
Inside the first wall we had to once again traverse much of the city, which we once again chose to do by method of frequent violence. Skeleton soldiers encrusted with gold; a teleporting, acid-slathered demon with a vicious serrated longspear (our fighter broke the longspear and I shoved the demon off a bridge into a river of molten gold); several cultists; and an ambush or two later, and we found ourselves bursting into the city’s innermost ring. Here we were immediately charged by a golden skeletal dragon (on a treacherous bridge over a river of molten gold, of course); he breathed fire on us before we had a chance to do much of anything. I managed to divert the flames via some flowy monkrobe trickery, but everybody else got pretty toasted. Mordus the wizard sank back into the shadows and cast haste on all of us, and we flung ourselves at the behemoth. A couple rounds later and I was fighting the dragon hand-to-hand with my back to the edge of the bridge. I decided to burn some ki to boost my AC and CMD, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad I did. Because the dragon decided to attempt its super powerful move of doom – which is a pretty way of saying our DM wanted to try out the cool move before we killed his dragon. His words? Sorry if you die, I’m not trying to kill you on purpose, but this is kinda his big move…
Well, the dragon did his big move. His tail came screaming through the air towards me, and we worked out my CMD. My monkeriffic abilities, my dodge feat, my sweet wisdom, my dexterity, my ki bonus, my dwarven stability… it all added up to a momentary CMD of 33; the dragon would need a roll of 18… The die came up a 17, for a Combat Maneuver roll of 32! I totally didn’t die! What would have killed me here? Not a dwarf? Dead. Not a monk? Dead. No ki? Dead. Not burning ki for a dodge bonus? Dead. No dodge feat? Dead. Low dex? Dead. Low wisdom? Dead. Get the idea? And I feel its worth pointing out we’re not talking unconscious dying, resurrected 3 days later dead. This is sailing off a bridge into a river of molten gold to simultaneously burn to death, drown, and disintegrate. Hot dang.
This was obviously the high point of the evening for me. We slew the dragon, dodged a naga, fought more cultists, a herald, and a high priestess that turned out to be Mordus’ mom, and then an elder fire elemental (’cause why not?), which definitely almost killed the lot of us. After which the temple collapsed and we teleported onto a beach using two vials we found on Mordus’ dead mom, who is currently in his bag of holding,  awaiting a proper burial in the crypt of the everflame, where her former companions have rested for centuries.
Can you believe I feel like I’ve missed some stuff? And I probably have. More times that we almost died, no doubt. *Very* big couple days for four misfits from Kassan.